Monday, November 05, 2007

Since then...

I am still here, just haven't been feeling too social, lol. So what have I done since the 19th?

Well on the 19th I had tooth impressions done to start the major work on my front upper tooth. One of the major reasons why I've been feeling a bit sad and sorry for myself.

Then on the 20th, Tony and I stayed at the Hyatt Hotel. He won a $1500 night's stay at the hotel in a competition. WOW! It was amazing. We dropped the kids off at three different houses for sleepovers, then drove to the Hyatt in our trusty ute - all class!

We checked into our room, which was a Diplomat Suite. We stayed in one of these when we had our wedding dinner in Canberra over ten years ago. This suite is seriously bigger than our house! The bathroom is as big as our bedroom, lol.

That photo is looking from the entrance hall into the living area. It took us a few minutes to find the bedroom! To the left of the living area was a massive dining room and a small kitchenette, actually the kitchen is the same size as ours, lol.

To the right of the living area was the bedroom, and then down a small hallway was the toilet and bathroom. Plus off the entrance hall was another toilet. These toilets are as big as our bathroom at home! I can't wait to renovate!

Check out the tv in the bathroom in the pic below!

So after exploring our suite and acting like children, we went for a wander to find where our massages would be done. Tony had his first and I waited in our suite. While waiting, we had champagne and chocolates delivered. I then had my massage and arrived back at the suite to a full spa bath and champagne and chocolates! Billy laughed at us when we said we ate chocolate in the bath!
Then it was time for predinner drinks and canapes which we had in the "exclusive" Ambassador's Lounge while overlooking the lake and listening to some awesome Japanese drums for the candlelight festival. We really did eat too many canapes!
Dinner was amazing, but we struggled to eat it. We didn't even finish dessert! After rolling back to our room, we had to lay on those massive lounges for a while to let our food settle.
Up the next morning, we had breakfast, again overlooking the lake, then headed home, in the trusty ute.

What an amazing night. Thank you to St George Bank! So when next year's bank holiday is promoted by St George as "We take care of our customer's bank holiday" - think of us ;)


Blogger Sarah said...

Wow Phillipa, looks like a great place to stay. Perhaps when I win lotto we will return and stay there..


10:40 PM  
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