Thursday, November 30, 2006

Time flies, and I married a chef.

Yes it's such a cliché but it is true. Tomorrow is December and what have I been doing since my last post?

Ordering January kits - very nice!
Making Christmas cards.
Organising a birthday party (my baby is turning 5!).
Christmas shopping and creating.
Cleaning - yuk!

Oh and a big funny story - I married a cook/chef/food preparation person. Big bonus! He is no longer a professional chef but he still does all the cooking at home. I am the dessert maker - hence Lime Tart. One day Billy came home from school, probably last year, and said "mum, do you know that other mums can cook?" ROFL!! That was followed up a few months later when we bought a new vacuum cleaner and Peggy wanted the box and said "oh look it's a girl doing the vacuum cleaning!" Anyway I digress....

When you marry a chef, do not let them change the washers in the bathroom vanity! It's an expensive exercise in keeping the children out of earshot and then trying to find a nice plumber who can come in at short notice to replace the washers and the pipe that somehow got bent all out of wack at the same time!

I guess in hindsight that I do have the better end of the stick but it would be nice if he had a few more woodworking skills, lol, they would combine nicely with my new love of altering :)

I'm off to cook cupcakes!


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