Monday, August 07, 2006

Some cool links

Deborah asked me a long time ago to link to her Yahoo SU! group for Aussies. I completely forgot, I am so sorry. But here it is! I went to my fourth SU! party in as many weeks on Friday night and I have another one to go to tomorrow night! Lucky I love their stuff, lol.

The Buzz and Bloom newsletter came out the other day and I'm pretty proud of my contributions this month. I love the B&B chipboard, they have the best flourishes!

The fundraiser is getting promoted all over the place - here and here. Thanks guys! Nice to meet you both the other night too.

Kiwiscraps is on in less than two weeks! I checked out the homework that everyone has been talking about the other night and I don't think it will get done, lol. I probably should find some photos to take with me though! Not sure that they will fit in the car though after I fit in all of the mystery class kits! Thanks to Wendy for her gorgeous project!

Okay enough for now. Oh hang on - Lime Tart, lol, full kit pics and details are up on site now! Keep an eye out on the 14th for the gallery. I've already seen some of Sue's layouts and they are stunning! Then keep an eye out on the site for when Kiwiscraps finishes. We have a teeny, tiny surprise that will be revealed. (Don't you hate it when people do that on blogs?!)


Blogger Lauren said...

August kit looks great, i've been busy still with the last too.

Spill your news you cheeky thing,

Enjoy your day,


12:50 AM  

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