Friday, September 22, 2006


...some of you like my new tool, lol. But you have no idea on what it's for!? Very funny ;)

Okay, Donna Downey used it in nearly all of her Kiwiscraps classes, and she referred to it in some very suggestive ways, lol. Anyway it is a drill and instead of using a hole punch and a hammer, or a Cropodile, you use the drill and boy oh boy does it drill through anything! The instructions on the back say to NOT use it on a normal craft mat as you will ruin your tabletop. We were using 3/4 inch thick blocks of wood at Kiwiscraps and it was drilling through that. Kylie knows as she drilled her finger! Well actually I think Lee drilled Kylie's finger, lol.

I love it because I can see the possibilities for so many more handmade journals. In fact if you have Donna Downey's Decorative Journals book you will see she uses it on nearly every project!

On another note - proud mum moment for me today with young Mary getting a VIC (very important citizen) award at school :) Her teacher phoned last night to make sure I went to the assembly.


Blogger lee woodside said...

LOL. Yep guilty as charged. Hey the drill slipped.
Congrats to Mary

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Monique said...

Handy tool! ( gotta get me one!) Just letting you know I received the fruity swap;) Thanks!They look great and I sure wnna join again.
hugs,MOnique (NL)

8:23 AM  
Blogger NancyJones said...

OK if yall watch Greys ANatomy.. Last season Dr McDreamy drilled a kids head with it to get the fluid out some crapp out (something not needed by his brain or something) anyway I was so excited my (as hubby refferred to it) DINKY LITTLE TOY was used FOR BRAIN SURGERY!! IT was a great shot for it also.. Im pushing for the green one for christmas heheheheehe

12:46 AM  

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