Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sob, sob....

I didn't win the huge furniture prize from Scrapbook Creations :( I got my layout back in the mail yesterday. Congratulations to whoever the winner is! You lucky, lucky thing!

Here is my entry:

Fruity atc swap:

They are all in! Woohoo, I've repacked them and they will be all back in the mail this week to you. Thanks for participating. They look great. I'll upload pics next week so as to not spoil the surprise.

My life is an absolute spin this week with finalising the fundraiser and a big meeting with the education minister about our school closure proposal.

The kids started their new term of swimming yesterday and they are doing so well. Billy is now in level three and I am so proud of him, for a little boy who didn't want to get his face wet at the start of the year, he is flying along. The girls are now in level two together and loving every minute of it.

Plus spring is here! And doesn't my garden know it, I love the smell, I have so many bulbs this year that I have been cutting them and bringing them inside. Normally I don't like to do that, lol.

Okay must continue printing flyers, packing prizes, goodie bags, oh and yes some Lime Tart kits to go in the mail too, lol, can't forget the Lime Tart kits!


Blogger Margaret Wilkinson said...

Philippa you're a gem - the suspense has been killing me! I can't WAIT to see the fruity ATC's. (I was just worried I hadn't put enough postage on the SAE...)
Margaret-she-who-is-camped-by-the-letterbox! :)

8:00 PM  
Blogger aussiescrapbookcritic said...

your entry is beautiful :-) Love the colour scheme.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Carole Janson said...

Philippa, I am so sorry you didn't win, at least you entered. I love your layout.

I hope your fundraiser goes well.

Best wishes

6:08 PM  
Anonymous karen said...

Cool ... looking forward to the fruity ATCs!!

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Debbie K said...

Gorgeous entry ....what were they thinking !!
Received my Fruity ATC's today, they are all lovely....thank you ladies.
Thanks for sending my LO back too Philippa - much appreciated.
x x x

6:43 PM  

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