Monday, August 14, 2006

The fundraiser...

It's come to my attention that I was not very clear in my flyer about what sort of day the fundraiser was, lol. Now of course I know what I'm talking about but I missed some very obvious (to me) points.

So yes - it is a crop day or stamp day, depending which side of the fence you are on. Bring your toys and sit with your friends and scrap or stamp to your hearts content.

Yes you can buy supplies, there are some great vendors there.

No you won't do all five classes, you will do one of the classes and they will be chosen on a lucky draw. Each class will go for approximately one hour and in the class you will be provided with a kit to complete a project.

Spots are filling quickly so please get your cheques in soon. Alternatively, for those that don't have cheque books - email me - and we can perhaps sort out a credit card payment.

I received all the goodies for the goody bags today and they are good! LOL. I'll be collecting prizes over the next couple weeks and I know they are going to be fantastic as well, with plenty of them to win.

Don't miss out!


Blogger Alicia said...

Sounds like fun, but no where near where I live. Hope it goes well.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Moira said...

Can't wait to come!!! I will drop off my money next week, when I come to pick up my next LT order!!! LOL

7:44 PM  
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