Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back from Kiwiscraps

What a whirlwind weekend! I drove up to Sydney on Friday morning and was greeted with peak hour traffic once I hit the tollway. Upon arriving at the hotel I had a headache which turned into a thumper and wouldn't leave me until about 9.30pm that night! Even with some heavy painkillers :( Unfortunately I woke up with it again on Saturday and by lunchtime was about to forego my afternoon classes, but I survived. I'm not sure if it was stress, worry, nerves, not eating properly, fluoro lights, tiredness or a combo of all of them. So if I met you and seemed a bit wacky, I blame it on the drugs and blurred vision, lol.

So on to the fun stuff! I did meet some lovely people, some lovely customers, some people I have chatted with online for a long time too. Oh and some old friends as well.

I did four classes with Donna Downey and two with Ali Edwards. They were all fun and it was nice to come home with some nearly finished projects. These are my projects as they currently stand.

This was Ali's Perspective's class and I need to pop some photos and journalling in it about my life right now. I love the Junkitz box! I hope we can get them in Australia soon.

This one is Donna's Freeze Frame class. I still have to add a few things and some journalling too.

Okay blogger is now playing up with photos, so I'll upload more in another post later.


Anonymous Jayne said...

A little less of the 'old' please! It was great to catch up.

8:37 PM  

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