Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do you use OMO?

OMO are running a promotion for schools to win playground equipment. You can see the details here.

Our school is participating in the challenge and we need OMO codes! Do you use OMO 1.7kg specially marked packs bought from Woolworths or Safeway? Yes?

Because if you do and you aren't using your code for your own school then I would love to have it!

I will even offer a small gift in return, I'm thinking perhaps some ribbon or something, and I do have a lovely collection of ribbon that I haven't yet put on the site.

If you can supply me with a code - email it to me at philippa@limetart.com, along with where you bought the powder and a postal address where I can send you a little something. Myself, my children and the school will love you forever!


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