Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back to school!

So one of my little cuties started back at school yesterday, another cutie started kinder for the first time, and the third cutie is still at home with her mama. I don't recognise cutie number two in her uniform, she looks so grown up!

Monday's mail was kind to me with a parcel from the UPS lady with this mag in it:

I have a card in it that I am very proud of. The magazine is a good one too! Lots of fantastic ideas!

Oh and here's a pic of cutie number three, she's the one with the normal hair!

P-"Mama, can I have a drink please?"
Me-"Yes, what would you like? Juice, water or cordial?"
P-"Um, Um, milk please."

Last night I handed over the presidency at preschool, that is a weight off! It was fun, but this year I'm just going to do the preschool newsletter, that's enough.

Today I'm just waiting on the TNT man to arrive with my Bazzill order that should have been here yesterday :( But for now, I really should go and clear off the dinner table...


Blogger Marie said...

I know you said "don't ask" but I can't help myself. What did you do to your hair???

7:13 PM  

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