Saturday, February 04, 2006

A busy week

This week we have been getting ready for back to school. Tuesday was spent shopping and picking up all the school laybys that I had.

Wednesday we went to a Safety Bike Riding course run by the police. The kids had a ball, we will definitely be going back (if the ACT Government doesn't sell off the land, grrrrrr.

On Thursday the kids had their first swimming lesson. I was so proud of them. Well technically it wasn't Billy and Mary's first lesson as they did some lessons when they were three and 18 months respectively. Mary loved it, Billy hated it. Hence why it has taken us so long to start up again. The instructor was fantastic, all three kids were in the same class and they warmed up to the instructor so fast that I was amazed! I can't wait until next Thursday!

Friday was our weekly library trip. Boy I wish I had discovered the library at the start of the holidays! It is fantastic! The kids can borrow dvds and videos as well as books. Billy has been grabbing experiment type books and puzzle books. I currently have purple cabbage acid indicator in ice blocks in my freezer! As well as a mini worm farm in the far corner of the dining room! Roll on school!

In the afternoon I put 210 layouts into albums. I bought some fantastic American Crafts ring bound albums from Addicted to Craft. I love them, so don't go buying any as I want them all!

Then we decided to get out the home videos and watch them. WOW! For some reason we stopped using the video camera when Peggy was about six months old (she's now four), which is very sad. But gee we have a lot of fantastic footage of the kids prior to that. Looking back at these videos makes me realise how young the kids were when I was having the next baby. Three under three! They seemed so grown up then, but in hindsight they were all babies together. The funny comment of the evening was from Mary "Billy why did you kiss me then and you won't now?". ROFL.

Today.... I'm hoping to relax and scrap.

Oh and quick plug for Lime Tart... the kits are selling fast, so don't hesitate for too long.


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