Friday, May 05, 2006

Back to school...

The kids went back to school on Monday so this week I did not have to put up with the incessant "I'm bored", "what can I do now?". My children certainly need a LOT of stimulation!

Swimming is going fantastically! Last week we got their certificates and Billy was put up to level two. The girls stayed in level one. Then this week after our lesson, the instructor suggests that Mary should now go up to level two - wahoo! Which meant we had to change our lesson times to keep them all in at the same time, but whatever.... I'm just so pleased at how far along they have all come in ten weeks. From children who didn't want to get their faces wet, to children who are so excited about jumpin in the water!

Mary has started bringing her home readers home and I love seeing them learn to read. I watch her when we go out and about and she reads the signs and copies them by writing them in the air. She's going to be a clever little cookie and no I am not biased, lol.

I had a stamping class on Wednesday night. They are always a lot of fun, I love seeing people's amazement when they see how heat embossing works.

Thursday was the preschool bus wash excursion and that is always heaps of fun too! The bus drivers are amazing. They sing with the kids, they honk the horn, they are wonderful with the kids.

Today I got absconded by the principal at school and dragged into a video production for "something", lol. Any parent who was trapped in the school at the time was dragged in too. Quite funny - we just had to sit and pretend we were conversing and drinking coffee.

Tonight I'm painting a layout for the next Hero Arts competition - you have to be in it to win it :) So now my first layer is dry I'm off to add the second :)


Blogger Roz said...


Well it sounds like you've been busy as usual :o)

Good luck with the comp!

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