Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Autumn in Canberra...

It's stunning! This week the days have been perfect, beautiful, gorgeous, just right. Crisp days, cool nights, beautiful colours. Today was rubbish day and as I was pulling the bins in, I turned around and the light was coming through our 'yellow' tree. These photos really don't do it justice but they aren't too bad. Once the 'yellow' trees leaves are gone, the maple turns brilliant red. I love my front yard trees! So Gabbie challenged me a while ago to take a picture of my favourite view from my house. These pics aren't from the house but they are my favourite view from the house (okay now I'm rambling, lol).

Hubby sprained his ankle on Sunday playing paintball, I don't think he realises that he is getting older, lol. This comment will soon tell me if he reads my blog!!

I sent off my CJ the other day, here's a pic of the front cover. It's in a little A5 two ring binder.

Lime Tart has sold out of 12x12 kits again. We still have some 6x6's left. Watch for the gallery on the 14th! It's amazing (again). I'll also let you in on a secret about May's 12x12 kit. It is the best value kit yet! Someone made a booboo in the ordering process and got a little carried away with too much stuff - oops!! So if you think you may want it, email me to show your interest as Lime Tart is advertising in some mags in May so even though there will be more kits to sell, I'm sure they will go fast.

Okay best get to bed....


Blogger Marie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the gallery tomorrow.

I love Autumn! and love seeing the trees changing colours. Lucky you to be surrounded by all that gorgeous colour.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous gabbie said...

oh, the pics are gorgeous, they look like the kind of trees you see on a jigsaw puzzle *g*...and these are your trees??!!

6:17 PM  
Anonymous karen said...

Nice to see the view at your place .. and more hints about the NEXT lime tart kit!! LOL
Loving what I've got already but easily persuaded that a sub will ensure I don't miss out!!

7:53 PM  
Blogger Chris Millar said...

Philippa, the gallery is stunning! Always love checking it out and Nic and Audrey have both done a superb job with the kits! Can't wait to see Jen and Michelle's work next month!

8:19 AM  
Blogger Carole Janson said...

Hi Philippa,

What a awesome gallery, such great talent, and what awesome kits you do. Love the photos of autumn, just beautiful.


11:55 AM  

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