Thursday, March 16, 2006

A fried monitor

No not a lizard but my computer monitor! Yes my poor old monitor blew up when the power went out last night *after* the storm passed! So I was without computer from 10pm last night until 6pm today. You don't realise how much you depend on them! Luckily I was out all day with other things so it wasn't too bad, lol.

Thanks to Nita and hubby for lending me a spare monitor for a while. Although Tony went and got a quote on a new one. I was happy to buy a second hand monitor but it looks like I'll be getting a new LCD one, woohoo :)

Anyway I logged on to lots of emails but a particular one was just amazing!! Go and check out Lauren's blog and her amazing work with the Lime Tart March kit! Stunning work Lauren and thank you for sharing it, I am loving those big photo corners and that curly bracket just looks so cool. Good luck on your big move, Lauren!


Anonymous Alison Shearer said...

HI Phillipa

I have been loving the Lime Trat gallery and kits since seeing Sally in action with hers last month. I love that pic of you too - do you have pink hair now? I am intrigued because mine was pink this time last year for the Crop for Canteen - I haven't seen anyone else with pink hair since!


6:31 PM  

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