Sunday, March 12, 2006

A fun and creative weekend

A busy one too!! Friday I kicked off with completing three puzzle pieces for a round robin puzzle swap that I'm in. Funnily enough the one that I was dreading doing the most is the one that I like the most! The themes were 70's, green/pink friends, and teenage girl/pink.

On Saturday, we decided to reclaim the dining room and save it from it's new status as a scrapping room! So I resorted my other scrap area and it's now so nice and neat! That took me nearly all day! Then it was into the garden to clean up the playground and plant some sunflowers. I'm not sure if they will grow okay or not, but the kids wanted to do it and who am I to say no :)

Today we went off to ten-pin bowling. It is the first time I have bowled in nearly 20 years, so 20 years later, one knee reconstruction and a few more kilos, I think I have slightly pulled a butt muscle, rofl!! But we all had fun! Peggy won out of the kids, cause she had one of the aimer things where she just pushes the ball down a ramp. Tony and I both struggled to hit 100 in our first game - too funny! He beat me by two points in that game. The second game's scores were a lot more respectable! I beat him by 8 points and I got four strikes, three of which were in a row and it called it a turkey, lol, so you can imagine what the family have been calling me today :)

This afternoon I made sushi for the first time ever and it was very nice! I will definitely be adding that recipe to my recipe tin (when I make it).

Thanks for everyone who stepped in to say they would hold my hand at CC06, I really appreciate it! From the sounds of it we aren't going to get much creative stuff done, it's just going to be one big party!

Only two more days til the March gallery is up and the April designers are announced....


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