Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Selling too fast!

I am just amazed at how Lime Tart has grown since October! It feels great! I want to thank everyone for their wonderful emails of support, the emails that say "wow what a great kit!", the emails that tell me how funky site looks with its revamp, the comments about the designer's brilliant work. I'd also like to thank my husband, my mum, my children.....

ROFL, okay enough of that silliness, off the podium Philippa!

Seriously, I love getting feedback, good and bad, it all helps to improve the site and kits. There is one big problem though! I can't keep up with numbers! Every month I am increasing the numbers of kits that I am making and they are still selling out. I have bumped up March's numbers by quite a bit but the bad news is that I only have five left unsold, and the sneak peeks aren't even up yet!

It is a gorgeous kit though. This is what Deb had to say when hers arrived "I adore the pack, got my mind full of stuff I want to do....want to race out the door and go home now...". Carole was equally enthusiastic about the 6x6 Kit!

So I am continually bumping up numbers and I have done a major bump for April's kits. I also have some great new stock coming in for April, new products from CHA, new paper designs from CHA, new things from a homegrown manufacturer....

....okay they are starting to play the music which means my speech is being cut short, it's getting boring, and I'm about to be escorted from the stage.....


Blogger Carole Janson said...

With such gorgeous products, know wonder they are running out the door, they are selected so well,love um, and well done Philippa on such a tops venture, wish you all the best.


8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL !! Too funny Philippa !! Love your posts. Yes, I am having fun with the pack....not having fun with mod podge at the moment, damn stuff not doing what I want it to do on the canvasses, but I'll get there !! This is only project one....got lots more to do. Stay tuned !!
Limetart packs are ace...so much quality stuff!!
Debbie K

2:07 PM  

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