Thursday, February 23, 2006

A teensy sneak peek....

If you go to Lime Tart right now you can see a couple of teeny, tiny sneak peeks of the March kits. Not a lot to see, but you can get a feel for the colour combinations.

I bought my April papers today, fresh in from the US yesterday! I have upped my April order by 30% so hopefully I will sell out, but not too quickly! It's such a catch 22, I want that sold out sign up there, but I don't want to disappoint those that miss out. I have been increasing my orders every month since October and I'm really pleased to say that Lime Tart has doubled in size since it started! I'm excited!

Oh gosh.... my email just beeped at me as I'm typing this and another order has come through. I only have 3 March 12x12 Kits left!! And one of those was supposed to be for me! See what I do... I'm giving up a really gorgeous kit just so someone else can have it - arghhhhhh! But I will say that I do have a few little extras to keep for myself, I can't completely go without ;)

So onto other things....

The kidlets had their fourth swimming lesson today and I am so proud of how they are going. Years ago, Billy and Mary had a few swimming lessons, but poor Billy got a bit freaked out by something and he would just scream and cry. So we decided to leave it and now four years later we have started again and my little boy is dunking his head! Today he was swimming with a kickboard. I'm very proud of him. Mary is going really well too but she always loved the water, and Peggy.... well Peggy is just a little miss! Their swimming teacher is just the most beautiful girl with a gorgeous personality and the kids warmed to her within minutes. Now Peggy is too confident around her. So today I gave Tenelle permission to growl at Peggy, lol. I bet she won't though.

While I remember, I have another proud mum moment to brag about too. Miss Mary is receiving the Artist of the Month award at school tomorrow!! She doesn't know it yet, but I have been told so I can go to the assembly to see her get her award.

Ok, I'm off to iron and go to bed, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night as the phone rang at 1.30, 4.30 and 5.15am!! Each time I answered I just got this silly beeping noise, I'm guessing some telemarketer on the other side of the world has got their timezones wrong! But the first time I answered I looked up at the wall over my craft desk and there was this HUGE, and I mean HUGE huntsman!! I got hubby to come and get it while I went and hid back in bed!


Blogger Carole Janson said...

Ha Ha Ha, I know what that March 6X6 kit looks like, Hi Philippa, can't wait to get my 12X12 March kit.

Well done to your daughter how wonderful for her, she will get a big suprise tomorrow.

Best Wishes

10:47 PM  

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