Friday, December 15, 2006


We received wonderful news on Wednesday that the government has decided to keep our school open. We had a special assembly at school for the principal to announce it to the kids and parents and boy oh boy was it nervewracking waiting for that decision. There were a few tears shed in the relief of the announcement. Unfortunately not all schools will remain open and I feel for the families and children who have to close up their school next week.

We had a celebration day at school yesterday, it would have gone ahead either way, something to either celebrate or keep the kids mind off it. Lots of fun with the Gecko Gang, sausage sizzle, face painting and so on. I then took my kids swimming and poor Mary was asleep by 5.30pm!!

Today is Peggy's last day at preschool, also my last child at preschool. I'm a bit sad, life goes too fast....

The Lime Tart gallery is up, with lots of beautiful ideas on how to use your kits.

My Christmas shopping is nearly done, I just have to buy a couple of little things for those hard to buy for couples that have no children and you really don't want to buy them something that will just be put in the back of the cupboard, lol. I really want to buy them a goat but I'm not sure how well it could be received.

My Christmas cards have been done for a couple of weeks but I haven't written in them yet! I get tongue-tied writing in cards, lol. Merry Christmas seems so boring, but writing lengthy personal messages gives me hand cramp, lol. Although I probably should go and do them as I guess I should post them all on Monday!


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