Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Christmas mayhem...

Saturday we swapped Christmas trees from our little fake one to a big real one! We were lucky enouigh to get the preschool tree this year. As our decorations didn't cover it, we spent Saturday making saltdough cookie decorations, then painted and sealed them and now our tree looks full. Very eclectic, but full :) The recipe if you want to try is 4 cups plain flour, one cup salt, one cup of hot water (I ended up using about 1 and 3/4 cups of water). Mix together, knead, roll out, cut, bake at 120 degrees c for 2 hours. Cool, paint, seal, voila!

I am completely blank as to what we did on Sunday, lol.

Yesterday the school had their final assembly for the year and reports were given out yesterday afternoon. Can I puff my chest out and brag? My two eldest children are the brightest, smartest little cookies there are! LOL, well I am their mother and they do have my genes ;)

Peggy finished preschool on Friday and was extremely upset when she wasnt' starting big school yesterday! Hopefully we can keep busy during the holidays to keep her mind off it, lol.

I'm still making Christmas presents, today I started on a couple of very special teacher's gifts. They will be 8x8 canvases and quite simple, I'll share when they are finished. I'm also making fudge in mini paintcans for some other teachers.

Other news - Lime Tart January kits have gone to the designers. February kits are looking pretty gorgeous too. We do have big news on the Lime Tart designer front though. Ange has decided to leave us due to life commitments and so today we welcome Deb Kingston as a Tart.

Okay must be off to put another coat of gel medium on :)


Blogger Tammy James said...

What a wonderful choice Phillipa. Deb creates such gorgeous pages ... can't wait to see what se creates with your wonderful kits!

7:19 AM  
Blogger Chris M said...

Hi Philippa! Hope you're having a fabulous lead up to Christmas and I know you'll love having Deb on the LT team!

7:54 PM  

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