Sunday, September 16, 2007

I scrapped

I finished this layout on Friday night, it all came together pretty quickly although I think I may have overdone the rubons on the flowers, lol.

The girls had their last day of basketball yesterday with a little awards ceremony. Mary was one of three picked out for an award. They had three prizes - a tshirt, a full sized basketball and a little miniature basketball. The three children had to throw hoops and the first one to get the ball in had first choice of the prizes. The other little girl got hers in first and she picked the tshirt. Mary got hers in second so she had the choice of the large or small balls. What would you pick? I would have picked the large ball, but no, Mary picked the small ball. You could hear the parents watching all give a sigh of "omgosh why did she pick that one?" and a giggle. Well that left the big ball for the little boy. Everyone cheered and clapped. After it was all over, we congratulated Mary, and Peggy too. We then asked Mary why she picked the little ball and she simply said "because I already have a big one!". Of course! Why do you need two?! At least she picked what she wanted :)

After basketball it was a rush to the supermarket to buy sausages, salads and rolls. We then headed off to an end of year soccer BBQ at the lake. The kids had a ball. I thought it was a bit cold but a big glass of wine warmed me up.

Then there was this photo I got of Billy getting caught out! He wasn't supposed to be that close to the water! I really couldn't see his face until I loaded the photos last night and this one is a classic!


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