Sunday, August 19, 2007

New art?

I'm flipping and changing with my crafting at the moment. From scrapping quickly with neat, straight, clean and no fuss layouts to pulling out the paints, gels and messy stuff to have a bit of fun. My favourite magazines are by Stampington - any of the Somerset ones, and Cloth, Paper, Scissors. What people can do with fabric is just so clever! Well anyway, I find them totally inspiring and love the work, but when it comes down to me creating something similar it always looks so much better in my head at 2.30 in the morning rather than the finished product.

This is what I completed the other day as one of my gel medium transfer samples. The bird and word is clipart that have been printed in reverse onto photo paper, then transferred using gel medium to the canvas. It makes for a really nice, clean transfer. Although next time, I think I will use a blocked image, a squarish image, in the centre with 'stuff' surrounding it. It might appeal to my clean lines side a bit more.

Perspective is word of the moment. When I'm annoyed, I have to think 'perspective', and as I saw on tv a few weeks ago, a woman said "so what? I have a messy house, at least we are healthy" - Perspective.

I got a bargain on the wire - 50c for 50m at the garden section in KMart! It's a perfect gauge too. I have a couple of other projects in mind with wire so I might even pop in and grab another roll, lol.

Blog candy - well it seems I overestimated how many readers I have, lol, either that or only one reader knows where I grew up! So Margaret, can you email me your postal address please? You get the Opals which are designed in Tasmania, which is where I lived until I joined the Navy at aged 18. Although I lived in a big town with shops, (hey we even had a Myer ;) ) called Launceston, not somewhere like Molesworth! Sorry Margaret, never heard of it, lol. I've heard of Mole Creek, been there, but Molesworth?!


Blogger KraftyKerilou said...

Love the new banner!! It is gorgeous! You are super busy, huh?? THe bird is is so cute!! And you have Kmarts in Australia? Cool!! Keri

10:42 AM  
Blogger Margaret Wilkinson said...

Three good things have come out of Tassie. You, me and Opals!
Thanks so much Philippa.

1:04 PM  
Blogger Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is so pretty! love the bird!

9:19 PM  

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