Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Time flies

...and more than a week has passed since I blogged last.

Hi Jo-Anne *waving*!!

So what have I done since last week?

- thought about how many emails and letters I will be inundating politicians with about the proposed closure of our school.
- spent a weekend as a single mum, my first ever overnighters with the kids by myself, rofl, yes my husband is a better parent than I. The kids were very concerned about how they were going to eat all weekend. Billy even made Tony check the fire alarms before he left just in case I set the kitchen alight! Trusting child ;)
- made the coolest little bag from scratch out of paper, stamps and ribbon. I'll photograph it tomorrow, it's for a class.
- drooled over the absolutely stunning new chipboard and acrylics from Buzz and Bloom, go check them out - very noice!
- took the kids to their school disco, gosh that is supposed to be daddy's job too! I'm not good when I am inundated with lots of children, lol.
- took Billy to soccer - again that's daddy's job ;)
- bought yet more stuff for the July kits. I can't wait to scrap with this one!
- started my demo stuff for the ACTSA stamp camp in July.
- started organising a HUGE scrap and stamp fundraiser day in September, it's going to be BIG!
- and I'm sure there was lots more stuff in between....

Thanks for the advice on the swap pins - I have been thinking about them, lol.
Hi Sue! Long time, no chat, love your digi kits.
Okay I'm off to find my desk....


Blogger Nicole Rayner said...

Well it sounds like you have been one busy lady... Thanks for your lovely comment about my unbrella, and no I didnt get a call from MMI. I could only dream.LOL... Have a great time and cant wait to see the July kits, have had an absolute ball with the June kit I got for the first time, and I am still going with it.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Sue Jones said...

Wow! Slow down girl before you bust a valve.
LOL @ your kid comments. Sounds like Billy has a real sense of humour.
You wouldn't believe what my job at the moment is! I am a child carer at our local gym. Now that really tries you, I can tell you. LOL
Thanks for the compliments on my digi stuff. I still do paper (a bit).

7:53 AM  

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