Thursday, December 21, 2006

Getting in the swing

We went out for a family dinner last night and on the way home we drove through a few little suburbs to check out their Christmas lights, and oh wow! At one house we could actually stop and get out and walk through their front yard. They even had their front windows done up with really intricate displays. Then there were a couple of cul-de-sacs that were completely decked out in lights. So gorgeous. If you are in Canberra, get yourself out to Amaroo!

So once we got home, I just had to watch Survivor and then I was too tired to complete the teacher gifts, so I got up bright and early and finished them off, lol. I made fudge, cut it into little stars and gingerbread men and then popped it into Prima Minnie Can paint tins. All decorated with the Lime Tart November 6x6 Kit, lol.

Here is the recipe:

Chocolate pecan fudge

500g Lindt Dark Coverture Chocolate or choc melts, depends on if it's for you or the kids, lol
395g condensed milk
dash of vanilla extract
125g chopped pecans

Slowly melt chocolate, condensed milk and vanilla extract together until smooth and creamy. Quickly mix in pecans and press into a large slice tray. Refrigerate until set, cut into squares, or cut into shapes and enjoy!

I also made a couple of canvases for some extra special teachers. I only took a photo of one though, the other one was done in blues.

Here's a pic of our mishmash of a Christmas tree, lots of homemade decorations! The lights were twinkling when I took the photo, but I need a nice new camera - santa? Nope don't think so, not this year :(

Last pic for today is the beaded necklace I made for my Nan. I had beads left over too so I'm making myself a bracelet, I love this colour combination.


Anonymous Debbie K said...

Your gifts are just divine Philippa! You are the beaded necklace queen ! The canvases and jars look gorgeous too.
Deb x x

P.S. I'm LOVIN Survivor this season....lots of drama which is great.

10:38 AM  

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