Friday, May 25, 2007

Transfer techniques

I haven't got photos but I'll try and do some step by steps on transfer techniques that I have used.

For all transfers you should use a photocopy of the image, or you can use pics from magazines. Prints straight from the printer will just smudge.

Cold laminate or packing tape transfers.
Place the laminate or packing tape onto the image and burnish it on well. I use the back of a spoon. Now pop it into a shallow dish of water to soak, before rubbing the paper off. I'm quite impatient though and actually use a little warm water on my finger tips and just rub the paper off. Keep rubbing until all the paper has gone and you have a transparent image. Let it dry. If you get milky areas, just repeat with the water. With cold laminate you can be quite hard in the rubbing. These two also retain their stickyness so you can just stick them onto your project. For the card in my last post, I used cold laminate. I buy it from KMart.

Then you can do gel medium transfers.
For this you coat your image up to six times with gel medium. Each coat needs to be dry before the next is applied and each coat goes in alternative directions. Leave to dry overnight and then you soak to rub the paper off as before. Use gel medium to attach. I used this technique using a photo for this canvas.

Then I have recently discovered acrylic paint transfers, which is what I used on the two atcs in this blog post.

Queen Elizabeth was a newspaper image and she smudged a little bit, see how her nose is missing, lol. The poppies were from a gardening magazine.
To do the acrylic transfer, I painted a piece of chipboard with a thin coat of acrylic paint then quickly laid the images face down. These dry pretty quickly so within 5 minutes I started using a wet finger to rub the paper off and voila! With this type of transfer the image is back to front, so don't use words.
Any questions, just yell at me :)

Okay, this card isn't a transfer of any sort, but I whipped it up tonight as a sample for tomorrow. The gorgeous floral border is by justjohanna and the alpha is by Purple Onion. Both of which you can buy at Lime Tart, lol, they aren't on the web at the moment, but you can email me.


Blogger Julie said...

Philippa, this is excellent information. I will try these techniques! Thank you for posting them!

4:14 AM  
Blogger Aida Haron said...

Philippa, thanks so much !!! Coincidentally was looking for a transfer technique !

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Monique said...

Thank you! I love the look of the acrylic paint transfer even more so I ll be trying that one first;))

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Sylvie :) said...

Love this card !! very pretty and so cheerful with the colors and the white touch !!

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Debbie K said...

Wow !! So informative. Thanks Philippa. Although I'm still worried about trying it.....I'm sure it couldn't hurt too much even if I stuff it up !! Will print out your information and give one of your techniques a go soon.


2:45 PM  

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