Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm off

to Kiwiscraps, that is. My first class is at 12 but I'm meeting up with Gabbie for a whole weekend with her, lol, will we be able to stand each other, particularly as I have heard that she snores, rofl!!

I've been tagged a couple of times, will get to that next week. I won't be back til late Sunday night and then I have to organise the kids for their first day back to school, plus we have a few optometrist appointments on Monday. Who made them on such a silly day?!

I made three new necklaces yesterday, one was for Billy. I'm not overly keen on it, but it was something he has been wanting for months, so I finally gave in. It's jut a metal type rams head charm on some black leather, but he is a capricorn so I guess it means something, lol. He likes it and he knows the rules of not wearing it for sport or school.

I had my hair done during the week too ======>
I think I scared my mum when she came around ;)

One of my projects is up at Buzz & Bloom Atelier, the other should be released next week as it's using their new chipboards.

I made this card during the week out of the A la Tarte.
Oh and I got this last week, isn't he gorgeous?! He came from here.
I also got some gorgeous fabric from ebay too, I have some artwork planned for it. I think I will just simply frame it, nothing else.

Okay must go and finish packing....


Blogger Julie said...

Great hair!

7:56 AM  
Blogger Dawn Mercedes said...

Hey...can you email your address to me? I wanted to send you a thank you note and a few goodies from this side of the world and I don't know where I put that addy! Argh! I'm sure I'll find it in 10 days. But since I'm trying to get stuff to the post office tomorrow, I thought I'd just asked you for it!

You can email me at dawnmercedes at hotmail.


2:41 AM  
Blogger Dawn Mercedes said...

Haha...Okay...not 10 weeks...10 minutes. I have it!

2:53 AM  
Anonymous Monique said...

Love that cute little owl!! Great hair! Awesome color;))

4:07 AM  

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