Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I am freezing!

YES! We finally have our airconditioner fixed! Oh gosh it is so nice! I have goosebumps, lol.

I had to take Mary to the doctor today as she has been complaining of a 'sore heart', we have a new doctor as our old one has decided to just do counselling. But this new guy was great! He was so good with Mary and very thorough, I was very happy. He even did a blood sugar test on her. Anyway it seems that she may have a little bit of reflux that we have to keep an eye on for a while.

While we were on that side of town, we popped into that really cool bookstore I mentioned a few posts ago and I got myself the last book of the Jamie & Claire series. I'm still on book 5 - The Fiery Cross and at the rate I'm going it could be a couple of weeks before I finish, lol. I go to bed each night and fall asleep with it open so then have to reread the next day! I also ran into Jo while we were there :)
I've also been filing paperwork like crazy this week, it had certainly built up to an obscene amount. Then I surfed for new papers for April kits. I've been getting some advice from the dt girls too. Lots of nice stuff out there, too hard to choose sometimes.

I got two lots of swap ATCs today in the mail. Very nice! Thanks Jo & Monique.

I also realised tonight that I haven't really shown any scrapping on here lately, lol, so here are some pages from our Christmas holiday album. I went back to basics so I at least got it finished.


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