Sunday, April 30, 2006

New stamps!

I got a parcel in the mail from Helene at Buzz & Bloom on Friday. Two new sheets of rubber to be released at Picture to Page in Melbourne next weekend.

Very nice!! Think of two of the hottest trends in scrapping and stamping at the moment.

I've been busy this weekend doing some display items for the show but I'm not allowed to show you yet, but I will give a little teensy sneak peek. Go and sign up to The Buzz to keep up to date with new releases.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

New wall art

I had been wanting to create some artwork for our loungeroom wall for a long, long, long time and then I came across this by Brandi Ginn. Scroll down to her March 13th entry. I'm not very good at linking direct!

I loved it so much that we made our own! The colour combinations were perfect too as I have just done our dining room wall an orangey colour so used the leftovers of that as the base coat. Then Heidi Swapp paint for the flowers and Making Memories paint for the centre and stems.

With three children, the three canvases were the perfect number! They are now taking pride of place on our loungeroom wall.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Three under three...

Every Christmas the kids are only a year apart in age. Peggy was born six weeks before Billy turned three, so we had three babies under three years of age.

Every year I take a photo of them in early January and scrap it. I have finally done this year's photo.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Lest we forget...

Inspired by chatting with Gabbie today about Anzac Day, I thought I'd share some photos.

My grandfather's medals:

My layout remembering him:

Me in 1992 at an Anzac Day March where I marched with my Pa's old mates:

Saturday, April 15, 2006

What pattern is your brain?

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Creative Days....

I've had so much fun getting projects completed over the past few days. Admittedly they are late! But they are now done :)

I have completed a Christmas layout which I can't share as it's a gift.
A card - which is also a gift.
A mini album for a class at Scrap The Lot.

Cards for magazines submissions.
And like Nic, I was a good mum yesterday and we made Easter baskets and painted eggs.

A few weeks ago we started blowing the eggs and I think my head was about to explode! So yesterday we just hardboiled them :) The baskets were so easy to make! I got the template idea from Sue McGettigan's Buzz & Bloom project - Sweet Treat's Basket.

Well the Lime Tart gallery is up and looking amazing, thanks for all the comments. Full credit goes to two amazing designers in Nic and Audrey.

The winner of the Lime Tart survey is also up on the site. We sent out a small survey to see what our longterm subscribers wanted to see in their kits and to make sure we were packing and serving in the best possible way. You can see the results and more importantly the winner here.

Today is supposed to be a chilly day of 17 degrees so we are going to clean inside, watch videos, and try not to pinch the yummy fruit and nut Easter eggs that are currently hidden away.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Autumn in Canberra...

It's stunning! This week the days have been perfect, beautiful, gorgeous, just right. Crisp days, cool nights, beautiful colours. Today was rubbish day and as I was pulling the bins in, I turned around and the light was coming through our 'yellow' tree. These photos really don't do it justice but they aren't too bad. Once the 'yellow' trees leaves are gone, the maple turns brilliant red. I love my front yard trees! So Gabbie challenged me a while ago to take a picture of my favourite view from my house. These pics aren't from the house but they are my favourite view from the house (okay now I'm rambling, lol).

Hubby sprained his ankle on Sunday playing paintball, I don't think he realises that he is getting older, lol. This comment will soon tell me if he reads my blog!!

I sent off my CJ the other day, here's a pic of the front cover. It's in a little A5 two ring binder.

Lime Tart has sold out of 12x12 kits again. We still have some 6x6's left. Watch for the gallery on the 14th! It's amazing (again). I'll also let you in on a secret about May's 12x12 kit. It is the best value kit yet! Someone made a booboo in the ordering process and got a little carried away with too much stuff - oops!! So if you think you may want it, email me to show your interest as Lime Tart is advertising in some mags in May so even though there will be more kits to sell, I'm sure they will go fast.

Okay best get to bed....

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Catch up...

I didn't realise how long it had actually been since I last blogged! Doesn't time fly. Life has been hectic lately, lots of work on, sick and grumpy kids, my Nan visiting (first time we've seen her in 7 years), my little brother's 30th birthday dinner (hope you had a great night Ben!), more work, helping out at school, late nights, early mornings, but the light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel.

Tonight I had some papers laid out on the table and hubby asked if they were for the June kits..... "Nope" was my reply, "Tonight I'm scrapping for me!" and I have finally started on my ATC DT CJ (Addicted to Craft Design Team Circle Journal, what a mouthful, lol) and I'm loving it so far! I'm on here while the white paint is drying :)

Thanks for the well wishes for Billy. He is now fine. We had about three nights of red welts on his little body and we changed washing powders, I washed everything in the house and he hasn't had a sign of it since. I'm glad it was that easy.

CC06 - wow I am getting excited about August! Wendy has come up with the cutest, funkiest project for the mystery class and with her design and my contacts - WOW! These class kits are going to be the BEST! I've booked my accomodation and I'm still a little nervous about going by myself but it seems there are a few doing the same (Lyn, Alex....) It's also now confirmed that Nic will be coming over to help out too!

We had swimming lessons this afternoon and I finally remembered to take my notepad with me so I could sketch and write out notes while watching the kids. It was amazing! I got so much down on paper, I've designed my two classes for the ACTSA Stamp Camp in June, or is it July? I got new ideas sorted for the May Lime Tart kits, plus a few other little ideas down on paper too. So note to self: remember to take notepad to swimming *every* week!

Also today, I got up to date with all paperwork, spent the morning at preschool helping 25 preschoolers make Easter bags and paper pieced bunnies. Very cute!

Okay, I think my paint is dry and I have now made Gabbie happy with my long winded blog up date.


Thanks Gabbie!

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