Friday, September 28, 2007

World Cardmaking Day

Come and join us! You should see the awesome prizes that Johanna has up for grabs!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We're back

Check out the Zest Blog :)

Plus more cards using the new justjohanna range.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

In threes....

I hope that old saying of 'it happens in threes' is true because I have had three pretty stressful things happen since Friday afternoon! The third and final one is poor old Lime Tart, looks like it has hit the terrible twos and has chucked a major whammy on me. So if you are reading this because you tried to get to the Zest Blog, it's because we've lost a lot of Lime Tart in what seems to be a server disaster. Unfortunately I won't know more until Monday morning as technical support is not being overly supportive this weekend, lol.

Be patient with us until we get reorganised. You can check back here for updates.

On a similar note, we did have some major fun organised for Lime Tart's 2nd birthday in October which may be slightly delayed due to working overtime on fixing the site.

But I do know of some huge fun being organised for October 6th for World Cardmaking Day! Plus the prizes that are going to be available for this one are amazing! I just wish I was eligible for first prize but I'm not :( If you've signed up for the justjohanna newsletter, then you will have an inkling of what I'm talking about. Now for that horrible phrase that I don't like seeing on blogs - stay tuned ;) I'm off for a vodka, oh poop it's too early ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

New justjohanna stamps

Here's two card using the soon to be released Halloween and Thanksgiving images.

The kids had their school concert on Tuesday night and were very cute little rabbits, caterpillars and a leopard. We were able to get aisle seats so I could stand up and get some great shots. I need to edit a few first before uploading.

Yesterday we went to Floriade after school to finish off the treasure hunt that we started on Sunday. It was good fun and made us see a few things that we probably wouldn't have taken much notice of.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I scrapped again...

A very quick layout using Buzz & Bloom chipboard.

Speaking of Buzz & Bloom, I did make the hard decision to resign from the design team last month. It was a huge struggle to come to the decision, and I will really miss working with Helene & Devorah. I did get a little sneak at the new stamps they have coming out very soon. Just wait and see! I think all will be revealed at Paperific. Which I'm not going to this year :( Unfortunately I have some major dental work that needs to be done and in one word - expensive!!

Yesterday, the kids and I went to Floriade to drop off our Gnome for the competition. The theme is Aussie Myths, Legends & Icons so we did a Vegemite jar. If you see our Mr Gnome, say hi, although I'm sure he won't be too lonely with all the other stunning gnomes around him. We're going back later this week, I'll get some more pics as it's a fantastic display. Yesterday was just far too crowded.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I scrapped

I finished this layout on Friday night, it all came together pretty quickly although I think I may have overdone the rubons on the flowers, lol.

The girls had their last day of basketball yesterday with a little awards ceremony. Mary was one of three picked out for an award. They had three prizes - a tshirt, a full sized basketball and a little miniature basketball. The three children had to throw hoops and the first one to get the ball in had first choice of the prizes. The other little girl got hers in first and she picked the tshirt. Mary got hers in second so she had the choice of the large or small balls. What would you pick? I would have picked the large ball, but no, Mary picked the small ball. You could hear the parents watching all give a sigh of "omgosh why did she pick that one?" and a giggle. Well that left the big ball for the little boy. Everyone cheered and clapped. After it was all over, we congratulated Mary, and Peggy too. We then asked Mary why she picked the little ball and she simply said "because I already have a big one!". Of course! Why do you need two?! At least she picked what she wanted :)

After basketball it was a rush to the supermarket to buy sausages, salads and rolls. We then headed off to an end of year soccer BBQ at the lake. The kids had a ball. I thought it was a bit cold but a big glass of wine warmed me up.

Then there was this photo I got of Billy getting caught out! He wasn't supposed to be that close to the water! I really couldn't see his face until I loaded the photos last night and this one is a classic!

Friday, September 14, 2007

A funny

While swapping emails back and forth with Gabbie last night, she sent me this funny. I know it's not nice but I found it hilarious! This girl has such a great way of wording things :)

The email was titled "depressing news"

Steve bought me some fish for my birthday... 20 neon tetras...the pretty
little tiny ones that glow...

the big bloody fat angelfish has eaten the lot!!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mission: Collage

Julie is running a collage challenge on her blog and I'm taking part. The first part of the challenge was to use paint, paper and ink. This is what I came up with.
My base is just an extra thick piece of chipboard/cardboard. I've painted it with Matisse Cobalt Turquoise and Jo Sonja's Smoked Pearl. Then I tipped some Metallic Bronze Lumieres over the top and smooshed it around with a paddlepop stick. I've then stuck some torn bookpages on with gel medium and doodled with a black pen (the ink part, lol).

The next steps were chalk, pastels or crayons, then a photo, then charcoal.
I rubbed the paper with Artists' Soft Pastels in Raw Umber & Phthalo Blue. The photo was purchased from Fokvanger (I love this site!), printed onto photo paper and then transferred using gel medium. I have then used charcoal around the edge of the transfer and the edge of the 'canvas'.

Looking forward to Julie's next instalment so I can continue!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Aussie icons, myths and legends.

An update on the ATC swap that I'm hosting.

This swap is looking great :) We even have lamingtons! I've also seen some sneaks of other sets in the making :)

Sarah - received
Pam - received
Kaeren - received
Keilly - received
Kerri C - received
Judy - received
Mary - received

Swap 9 for 9 ATCs only, get one of your own back.
Due date 21 September.
You can interprete the theme as you like.
Send to me with a return self addressed, stamped envelope. In the
case of OS girls, we'll work something out, just email me if you would like to join :)

Back to basics

I got a couple of layouts done during the week...

I was greeted by this little cutie on Friday after school! The toothfairy visited her for the first time that night.

Today was the usual soccer and basketball, then the girls and I went shopping and bought some Bindeez (sp? - too lazy to get up and look at the packaging). They are busy making things now.

Me - well I'm settling in for a night of cardmaking using the new A la Tarte.
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