Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Well what a wonderful couple of days, we have barely left the house and it has been so relaxing. On Christmas Day we had breakfast with my mum and partner here at the house and of course hubby put on his traditional Eggs Benedict, orange juice, croissants, coffee, fresh fruit etc. YUM! Then hubby's mum came around for lunch and you would think we had an extra ten guests with the amount of food he made! We had roast beef and hollandaise sauce, lobster tail wrapped in prosciutto with lime and caper butter, fresh prawns, ham, turkey, salads, rolls..... Then dessert - I made dessert, we had individual meringues with cream and macerated berries.

The day started at 5am with Billy coming into our room to ask if he could go out to the lounge. I told him he could have a quick look but then had to go back to bed until 6am. Well five past six he was back, lol! So many presents, so much fun. Santa Claus bought us a big watergun each, yes mum and dad got one too! We made good use of them on Christmas afternoon and got thoroughly soaked. They are a bit big though and the girls struggle to carry them.

On Boxing Day we set up the new little blow up swimming pool and the kids sat in that most of the day. Hubby and I ate leftovers and I bought a skipping rope to try and lose the calories from the awesome food that we seem to eat.

Today has just been another lazy day, well actually I've been packing January Kits so I am getting ahead of myself but I want to start creating with mine! Look out for the sneak peeks to newsletter subscribers on the 1st January.

Due to a few requests, I will also have instructions and photos up on the site very soon of a CD Tin album I made from the December 12x12 Kit.

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic, relaxing Christmas as I certainly did! I've even been reading some great books that I got as gifts, plus playing with my new cheapie digital camera that mum bought for me! How nice is it to just snap away and not be concerned about film costs! It will certainly be my New Year's resolutions to save up for a really special digital SLR, and to use that skipping rope, and to build the stairs, and pave the entertainment area, finish painting the dining room.......

Have a good New Year's Eve!! (It's our ninth wedding anniversary!)

Friday, December 23, 2005


Well it's too hot to play outside so we are stuck inside in the airconditioning, which in turn, is making it cool enough for us to cook muffins! We have a lot of over ripe bananas so tried out this recipe yesterday and of course they all disappeared so we repeated it again today. Now I just have to wait for hubby to get home with some milk :)

2 ripe bananas - mashed
2 eggs
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
1 tsp vanilla
2 1/4 cups flour (I used SR flour as well as the baking powder)
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
pinch salt
1 cup chocolate chips

Mix mashed bananas, eggs, sugar, butter and vanilla. Combine flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt & chocolate chips. Pour all ingredients together and mix just until blended. Spoon into greased muffin trays. Bake 180 degrees for 12 minutes (in my oven, could be longer in yours). This mix makes 12 large muffins and 12 mini muffins for me. Best eaten immediately!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot....

....like Christmas!

I love this week! I've been getting cards from friends, secret santa gifts, family presents from interstate. I've been shopping frantically, stamping frantically, partying too.

Yesterday I had lunch with two good friends and it was delicious! We even had strawberry daiquiris - two I might add, lol.

Today I was able to go shopping without children and after only an hour and a half, I had to leave because I had run out of money! I think I'm done, just two more gifts to buy and they will be easy to grab. I also saw lots of beautiful Christmas decorations on special already so I think I will go back and grab some. I hope they will still be there.

Today I 'whipped up' a couple of stamped candles. They are lots of fun. You stamp on tissue paper, colour it in, cut out, wrap around a candle, then wrap wax paper around the candle, then heat gently with a heatgun. Voila!

Roz - lol at squashing cockies, I think it was late when I filled in the questions, well that is my excuse anyway.

Okay, if I don't blog before Christmas - Have a safe and happy Christmas, indulge and enjoy! There's always New Year's resolutions to be made, lol.

Monday, December 19, 2005


I have been tagged by the vivacious Sally.....

Never in my life: do I want to see my children badly hurt
When I was Five: my little brother was born.
High School is: a bad memory for me, I played up in year ten and got into a LOT of trouble!
I once met: Gough Whitlam
Once in a bar: I was dancing to Footloose and popped my knee, I had to be carried outside to a taxi to take me to the Navy hospital. Not a good look the next morning with panda eyes.
When I turn my head left I see: My new digital camera's instructions
When I turn my head right I see: The lounge, Christmas tree, tv etc
A better name for me would be: I have no idea!
I have a hard time understanding: Racism
You know I like you if: I look you in the eye
Take my advice: Three children are a lot harder than three babies!
If you spent the night at my house: we'd eat chocolate and red wine and chat a lot.
I always make a point to: check my teeth and nostrils before walking out the front door, lol
I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: squash one, I hate the popping feeling *shudder*
And by the way: I still haven't finished my Christmas cards!

You are tagged Marie & Chris

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Woohoo spending spree!!

Okay yes it's the 16th in the US, lol. I've been at work today so haven't been able to blog.

But go and check this out. It's my third win in a row with Hero Arts and I get a $50USD spending spree on stamps of my choice. Oh the decisions!

Big congrats to Rach too, for her third place. I can't count the number of times Rach has won, lol.

1st and 2nd place are absolutely gorgeous too! My entry this time was a little bit different to my usual style and colours but I thought I'd try and stand out, lol.

Okay must be quick, I have the reins of the house tonight as hubby is at Christmas drinks and I have been left to make mine and the children's dinner, and for anyone that knows me, they know that I can't cook! (except for Lime Tart, of course!)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sold out again :)

How cool is that?! I'm excited!

Just the 12x12 kits, I still have 6x6 Kits available and they are very nice too!

It's been a very hectic week with the end of school. Mary finished preschool yesterday and Billy finishes school today. So we had lots of parties and assemblies. I had a huge proud mum moment on Wednesday when my little boy was given one of two reading awards for the whole school! This year has been fantastic for him with awards, he won the VIC (Very Important Citizen), which is chosen by their peers. Then he won the Star of the Month, which is chosen by all the teachers at the school. Now he has won a reading award. Yep, I'm a proud mum, and shhhh I will even admit to shedding a few tears at his report yesterday, it was so good!

I also received a lot of my January Kit stock this week - very nice! Now to wait on the Bazzill and I can get my Guest Designer's Kits out for them to play with. Just wait until you see who we have in store!

Now I know I had some news to share on the 16th, but I forgot to mention that I meant the 16th in the US, so that may give you a clue as to what I am excited to reveal ;)

Finally, huge congratulations to all of the Australian and NZ girls who have been grabbing prizes from Scenic Route and Junkitz. Well done!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's up!!

I'm in a huge rush this morning as I still have to make fairy bread for the preschool Christmas party, so if you are reading this before I get my newsletter out go and check out the gallery at Lime Tart.

It is sooooo good.... and so big that we had to split it into two pages!

Oh and while you are there, check out the kits too, lol. I was able to make up some more 12x12 but get in quick!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


What a week! I haven't really done much but it seems like I have been so busy! The weekend was spent Christmas shopping and party shopping. We had a birthday party on Sunday for our youngest - my baby is now four! We normally put the tree up the same day but this year we were just too tired, so we did it on Monday. I overcame my fussiness with the tree and allowed the children to put the decorations wherever they pleased, and I'm pleased to report that I didn't move a thing! They did a very good job! I love unwrapping the decorations every year. We have some that are very special, some that are just plain weird (like my kissing fish with the big glittery red lips) and of course the obligatory handmade ones from school.

Then there has been all of the Lime Tart work I've been doing. Lots of orders and organising orders. Lots of exciting things coming. Oh and then there are the emails that I have been getting from Steph and Chris.... WOWOWOWOWOW! I am loving those emails, the gallery is going to be awesome on the 14th.

Today we have the preschool Christmas concert on and I have been delegated official photographer, oops.

Tonight is the Scrap The Lot Christmas party and I'm off to do make and takes for that. So if you are in Canberra, pop in and say hi!

Last but not least I got a very exciting email this morning but I can't reveal until the 16th :) But I'm excited! Sorry for teasing ;)

Monday, December 05, 2005

My song

Like I said, I like a challenge and Chris has challenged people to come up with their own blog theme song. So here is mine, sung to Greased Lightnin'.

Let me know what you think, and then take the challenge and do one for yourself!

Well this blog is systematic, hydromatic, ultramatic
Why, it could be Lime Tart!
We'll get some Rusty Pickle papers and some cool cd tins, oh yeah
Keep talkin', whoah keep talkin'!
Huge big rubons and chipboard letters, oh yeah
I'll get them packed, I need to get them packed!
With goodies on the site, they'll be flyin’ out the door
You know that you are hip when you get a Lime Tart Kit
Lime Tart!

Go, Lime Tart
You're burnin' up the charts oh yeah
Lime Tart, go Lime Tart.
Go Lime Tart
Your service is number one
Lime Tart, go Lime Tart!
You are supreme
The scrappers scream
For Lime Tart.
Go go go go go go go go

We'll get some funky, bright brads and gorgeous prima flowers, oh yeah.
Add some Heidi Swapp tape and Making Memories paint, oh yeah.
With products that inspire
The kits you will desire
You know that I am right, the kits they will delight,
Lime Tart!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I love a challenge...

Challenges make me scrapbook for myself!

2peas are hosting a Hero Arts competition at the moment, all you have to do is upload a layout using at least one Hero Arts stamps for the chance to win $300USD of Hero Arts products! WOW!

This is one of my entries. The "aughter" stamp is actually a Laughter stamps, so I've tried to be innovative and turn it into Daughter. Paper by Chatterbox ;)

I'm in the middle of writing my December newsletter to show off the Lime Tart sneak preview. It will be out today! I'm just finalising some exciting news. So if you want to be the first to know - go and sign up for the Lime Tart newsletter NOW!
Top50 Scrapbooking Kits