Friday, June 30, 2006


So the end of the financial year and stocktakes to do, yuk! I really shouldn't buy so much stuff ;)

We've been very busy this week with meetings and protest marches. The ACT government has proposed to close 39 schools by the end of 2008 and we are effected by this decision. But we won't give up without a fight! I've been appointed media rep for our little action group and surprise, surprise I was able to get some media coverage for us this week both on the news and the radio :)

I was lucky enough to receive a few really cool parcels this week, see below for my Hero parcel. Then later that day I got my Buzz & Bloom design team parcel and oh my gosh their new chipboard is amazing!! I love it!! I haven't played with it yet, it's too pretty, lol.

This weekend is going to be flat out with packing parcels, Yes it's July tomorrow and the July Lime Tart kits are just sooooo nice! Again, I haven't scrapped with them yet because I don't want to cut the paper, lol. But I have seen what Shirley has done with her kit and it is amazing. Particularly after she sent me her texture shots! You miss so much detail in the scans, but the texture shots - WOW!

So wish me luck that I do not get lost under an avalanche of pizza boxes over the weekend ;)

Monday, June 26, 2006

New rubber!

Check out what arrived bright and early for me this morning! This is my prize from Hero Arts. Thank you Hero!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The bag

Here's the pic of the bag that I just made, not sure what I can put in it, but it is cute, lol!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Time flies

...and more than a week has passed since I blogged last.

Hi Jo-Anne *waving*!!

So what have I done since last week?

- thought about how many emails and letters I will be inundating politicians with about the proposed closure of our school.
- spent a weekend as a single mum, my first ever overnighters with the kids by myself, rofl, yes my husband is a better parent than I. The kids were very concerned about how they were going to eat all weekend. Billy even made Tony check the fire alarms before he left just in case I set the kitchen alight! Trusting child ;)
- made the coolest little bag from scratch out of paper, stamps and ribbon. I'll photograph it tomorrow, it's for a class.
- drooled over the absolutely stunning new chipboard and acrylics from Buzz and Bloom, go check them out - very noice!
- took the kids to their school disco, gosh that is supposed to be daddy's job too! I'm not good when I am inundated with lots of children, lol.
- took Billy to soccer - again that's daddy's job ;)
- bought yet more stuff for the July kits. I can't wait to scrap with this one!
- started my demo stuff for the ACTSA stamp camp in July.
- started organising a HUGE scrap and stamp fundraiser day in September, it's going to be BIG!
- and I'm sure there was lots more stuff in between....

Thanks for the advice on the swap pins - I have been thinking about them, lol.
Hi Sue! Long time, no chat, love your digi kits.
Okay I'm off to find my desk....

Monday, June 12, 2006

Kiwiscraps freebies

Don't they look cute?!

So if you are going to Kiwiscraps Sydney and you are entitled to a totebag with the samples and freebies, then you will get one of these little packets in it. I won't tell you what is in them, that's a surprise!

Has anyone started their namebadge and swap things? Would you like to share with me? I've never done a convention like this before so have no idea!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Doing a happy dance....

Check it out here, scroll down to 2nd place in the Scrapbook and Card Duo! That means I have $100USD to spend on stamps :) I love Hero Arts!

Not a lot else happening - busy finalising July kits, I hit a glitch when the alphas arrived and they didn't match! Eeewwwww, so they have safely been returned and I now have a replacement, but they were cheaper so that meant I had to spend some more money on adding something else to the kit, lol. Hopefully that will be here next week so I can get the kit out to the July 12x12 designer who is the lovely Shirley Chai. I've already posted the 6x6 kit to Samantha Dorn, I do hope she likes it!

I've scrapped about 6 layouts this week! Amazing, lol. Most are for the June gallery but here is a layout I finished from the February 6x6 Kit.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

On a brighter note...

....I got my Kiwiscraps tickets today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wahoooooo :) It's made it all seem so much realer (yeah I know that's not a word!)

Wendy emailed me earlier this week to say she had received the final kit that she now makes up into the final product that she is teaching for the mystery class, that Lime Tart is sponsoring! (big mouthful there!) The kit is sooooo cool, so is the project! In the kit is some exclusive Lime Tart chipboard that Wendy came up with the concept and LT refined, and now it is fantabulous!

Oh and I did get another really cool email earlier this morning from the US ;) I'll be able to reveal late tomorrow afternoon or early Friday I think ;)

Ok I'm off to fill out my CC2006 timetable *giggle*.


I don't normally comment on politics and other emotive issues but I would like to make a public announcement that I am no way related by blood or marriage to any ACT Government Ministers! If I was related to a certain minister then he would be getting an earful from me at this moment, maybe a slapping too! Bloody politicians who are just number crunching and really not thinking of the whole big picture....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday!

To my beautiful girl :) Six years on on the 6-6-06, how special is that?!

This photo is of her eating her icecream cake at the party. In my opinion the cake was a flop, but she loved it and so did the other kids. I have photos of some very excited faces! She has gone off to school today with twenty something pink iced cupcakes with marshmallow flowers on top. Today I am going to make some little chocolate puddings as a special birthday dessert.

I think my birthday is finally over, thank you for the extra well wishes in the comments :) Here's a pic of the amazing collection of beautiful birthday cards that I received.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Nic told me to...

...update my blog, lol, thanks Nic!

It's been a very, very, very busy week! Getting Lime Tart June kits packed and organised - I love the June kits! I have mine sitting out ready to play with after I finish a mag commission that I have been putting off! It looks like the 6x6 will sell out first this month, so if you tempted then do get in quick. I was able to boost numbers of the 12x12's by a lot, but even so they are selling quickly too.

Then I had my birthday on Wednesday and it was time for a new driver's licence so that may give you a clue to how old I am ;) The mailman was very kind to me this week! Lots of beautiful handmade cards from friends. I was going to take photos today but it rained all day so was too dark. I got some L'il Davis wooden letters from Jayne and can't wait to play with those. I got a lovely bunch of Gerberas from some friends (Gabbie you would love these!), I also got a lovely Turkish handpainted bowl and lid from my friend Ayse who is from Turkey. Even hubby bought me some pressies, lol, some very practical nighties and a beautiful woollen scarf. This weekend, if we have the time, we are going to finally fill our big waterbowls with fish and plants as the rest of my birthday present.

Thursday I had two sick children home from school. They were too sick to go to school but not sick enough to sit quietly and watch a video!

I also got a great order of Nick Bantock inks from Buzz and Bloom this week. They are in the cutest little tin containers. Go check out B&B too, the latest newsletter is out with some of my projects in it. Included is instructions for a little toothfairy tin, just after we have been talking teeth ;) Although Peggy... yes I do have a daughter called Peggy - she is child number three, my cute little four year old!... although Peggy now is trying to wobble her teeth so the toothfairy will come to her!

Anyone trying out for the MME DT? I'd love to have a go but five days to go? I don't think so, lol.

I've also been organising goodies for Kiwiscraps in August. How many sleeps to go?

As well as organising for Kiwiscraps in August, I am demoing at the ACTSA June stamp camp which is very exciting! I have two classes I am teaching and I am loving the projects that I have come up with. I've been working closely with Scrap FX to get some fantastic chipboard bits and pieces made up for the classes. Scrap FX have also made some exclusive items for Lime Tart for Kiwiscraps too!

Then! Some very, very exciting news! I am flying to Melbourne in October to demo at Paperific for Buzz & Bloom!

Now I do need some advice..... does anyone out there have any ideas on how to handle a really nosy preschool teacher?! I can't believe this woman!

She reads my blog!!!!

Still reading Jo-Anne?!!! Heeheehee! Notice I gave Peggy a mention just for you? And breakfast, well this morning was just a cup of coffee, but tomorrow I have been promised pancakes if soccer is cancelled...

Okay after that lengthy and sometimes silly blog entry, I am off to stamp!
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