Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Do you use OMO?

OMO are running a promotion for schools to win playground equipment. You can see the details here.

Our school is participating in the challenge and we need OMO codes! Do you use OMO 1.7kg specially marked packs bought from Woolworths or Safeway? Yes?

Because if you do and you aren't using your code for your own school then I would love to have it!

I will even offer a small gift in return, I'm thinking perhaps some ribbon or something, and I do have a lovely collection of ribbon that I haven't yet put on the site.

If you can supply me with a code - email it to me at philippa@limetart.com, along with where you bought the powder and a postal address where I can send you a little something. Myself, my children and the school will love you forever!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Good stuff!

While away at Kiwiscraps I met a lovely lady called Donna and we were chatting about the Lime Tart kits, publishing and magazines. I commented that I was excited for the weekend to be over as I was having a bit of a rest between now and October when I am demonstrating at Paperific for Buzz & Bloom. I said the only thing I have to do between now and then was the school fundraiser. Donna asked me about the fundraiser and then said "oh I'll give you a six month subscription to Scrapbook Creations as a door prize". Are you kidding?! Thank you! Little did I know that I was talking to Donna, the managing editor of Scrapbook Creations! Thank you Donna and Scrapbook Creations!

I love that magazine at the moment, they have come a long way and I reckon it's due to their current editor Jannah. In fact it was only a few weeks ago that I subscribed to it and I haven't subscribed to an Aussie scrapping mag for a long time!

So if you are planning on coming to the fundraiser (which is a crop day) and you haven't yet booked, please do so quickly as I have been inundated with bookings this week and there are limited spaces left.

On other news, I woke up this morning to an email from Making Memories to tell me that I had won their new Celebrations book from their blog!! How cool is that?! I love these books, I already have the first two!

Check out Julie's gorgeous doodling on the Wendy Redshaw-Bruhns Lime Tart Daisy book kit (wow what a mouthful) and while you are at Julie's blog, check out her rak request.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Autism Crop fundraiser

For all of you WA girls who can't make it to my fundraiser, lol, check out this one!

You never know you just may win a Lime Tart kit by attending ;)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The best class of all...

How could I forget the mystery class that Lime Tart sponsored and the gorgeous Wendy's Redshaw-Bruhns created and taught. OMGosh that lady is one amazing teacher! I was able to sit in on the class, I think I was there to hand out pins and beads if anyone dropped theirs, but oh boy was I inspired by Wendy's teaching style! So here is Wendy's project which you can now buy from Lime Tart with full colour instructions. You get everything in the kit to make the project, all you need to provide is glue, scissors and a craft knife!

Back from Kiwiscraps part 2

Okay photo uploading still isn't working so I'll be back again!

Next is Donna's One Year, One Album class and I love this idea! I will definitely be making more of these. We made this album completely from scratch. I love the project and the concept of putting the 'non-arty' photos in it for the good memories. Quick and easy!

Then it's Ali's Favo(u)rite Photos. Showing how to combine patterned papers from all over the place, lol. I still have to bind this album and pop the photos in it.

Now it's Donna's Imagine the Possibilities class. This is basically a notepad that we made from scratch. I do have to pull mine apart a bit and reglue the insert as I didn't use my ASSets.

And finally, Donna's Photo Decor class. These letters are supposed to have ribbon and photos and other embellishments on them, but I think I may recover them with different paper to fit my decor better.

Back from Kiwiscraps

What a whirlwind weekend! I drove up to Sydney on Friday morning and was greeted with peak hour traffic once I hit the tollway. Upon arriving at the hotel I had a headache which turned into a thumper and wouldn't leave me until about 9.30pm that night! Even with some heavy painkillers :( Unfortunately I woke up with it again on Saturday and by lunchtime was about to forego my afternoon classes, but I survived. I'm not sure if it was stress, worry, nerves, not eating properly, fluoro lights, tiredness or a combo of all of them. So if I met you and seemed a bit wacky, I blame it on the drugs and blurred vision, lol.

So on to the fun stuff! I did meet some lovely people, some lovely customers, some people I have chatted with online for a long time too. Oh and some old friends as well.

I did four classes with Donna Downey and two with Ali Edwards. They were all fun and it was nice to come home with some nearly finished projects. These are my projects as they currently stand.

This was Ali's Perspective's class and I need to pop some photos and journalling in it about my life right now. I love the Junkitz box! I hope we can get them in Australia soon.

This one is Donna's Freeze Frame class. I still have to add a few things and some journalling too.

Okay blogger is now playing up with photos, so I'll upload more in another post later.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I guess most girls would be already on their way to Kiwiscraps, but if you are going tomorrow morning like me, here's a peek at the Mystery Class!

And here's my ATCs to swap.

Okay I'm off to start packing!

Monday, August 14, 2006

The fundraiser...

It's come to my attention that I was not very clear in my flyer about what sort of day the fundraiser was, lol. Now of course I know what I'm talking about but I missed some very obvious (to me) points.

So yes - it is a crop day or stamp day, depending which side of the fence you are on. Bring your toys and sit with your friends and scrap or stamp to your hearts content.

Yes you can buy supplies, there are some great vendors there.

No you won't do all five classes, you will do one of the classes and they will be chosen on a lucky draw. Each class will go for approximately one hour and in the class you will be provided with a kit to complete a project.

Spots are filling quickly so please get your cheques in soon. Alternatively, for those that don't have cheque books - email me - philippa@limetart.com and we can perhaps sort out a credit card payment.

I received all the goodies for the goody bags today and they are good! LOL. I'll be collecting prizes over the next couple weeks and I know they are going to be fantastic as well, with plenty of them to win.

Don't miss out!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My dorky husband...

I'm sending out a little explaination in the teeny tiny hope that the lady involved does read my blog, lol.

The scenario - my husband is at the PO sending pizza boxes and a lady standing next to him sees the return address label of "Lime Tart" so she comments that she was only looking at the website the previous day and how she liked the kits. So dorky hubby on the spot tries to think of whether he should do a big sales pitch or say nothing. Apparently he simply said "oh really" or something to that effect, lol, and then proceeded to feel really, really dorky!

So please, if you do read my blog, my husband is really a normal, friendly, outgoing type of person, but just got a bit tongue-tied :)

On another note, I went to the printers today to pick up the instructions for the Kiwiscraps Mystery Class and they look so good! I still haven't done any swap pins (well I will do atcs if I get around to it!).

Monday, August 07, 2006

Some cool links

Deborah asked me a long time ago to link to her Yahoo SU! group for Aussies. I completely forgot, I am so sorry. But here it is! I went to my fourth SU! party in as many weeks on Friday night and I have another one to go to tomorrow night! Lucky I love their stuff, lol.

The Buzz and Bloom newsletter came out the other day and I'm pretty proud of my contributions this month. I love the B&B chipboard, they have the best flourishes!

The fundraiser is getting promoted all over the place - here and here. Thanks guys! Nice to meet you both the other night too.

Kiwiscraps is on in less than two weeks! I checked out the homework that everyone has been talking about the other night and I don't think it will get done, lol. I probably should find some photos to take with me though! Not sure that they will fit in the car though after I fit in all of the mystery class kits! Thanks to Wendy for her gorgeous project!

Okay enough for now. Oh hang on - Lime Tart, lol, full kit pics and details are up on site now! Keep an eye out on the 14th for the gallery. I've already seen some of Sue's layouts and they are stunning! Then keep an eye out on the site for when Kiwiscraps finishes. We have a teeny, tiny surprise that will be revealed. (Don't you hate it when people do that on blogs?!)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

What a week!

And it's not over yet. I feel like I have been spinning with work this week, I need more hours in the day! It's all good though and I do feel a sense of achievement when I can cross something off my list, or one of my lists, lol.

So anyway, who's entering the Scrapbook Creations Rescue Me competition? I did, I sent off my entry on Monday and I love it Sunday night but by Monday morning..... lol but I do that with all my layouts. Oh it would be so nice to win that prize!!

How's the fruity atc's going for those that are swapping with me? I've had a few emails to say they are nearly finished. Still time to join if you want to, just make them and send them and as long as they get to me by the due date which is 22nd August.

I'm finishing up doing classes at the local store as of next week (for the foreseeable future). I do love doing classes and I will miss it a lot, maybe I might take them up again when the weather is warmer.... So for those girls that are doing my Saturday class I will have a special treat. My card class next week will be pretty special too, so sign up if you are reading this ;)

The fundraiser is coming along nicely, I've had a few emails about it and will be checking at the school tomorrow for how many people have actually sent the cheques that they have said are in the mail, lol.

Ok must go, I have a four year old standing here yawning and she won't go to bed unless I go and sit with her!! Jo-Anne if you are reading, can you mention to her that she is not allowed to go to big school if she can't go to bed by herself? LOL

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Extavaganza update!

Woohoo! We now have Niamh Henshaw doing demonstrations for Pipe Dreamink.

Go check out their gorgeous products. Niamh and Sue have just recently introduced some new chipboard products to their range too.

Registrations are already coming in for the day and we have capped numbers, so please do get in quickly so you don't miss out.

Yes please! Book my seat/s for this exciting and fun event.

Contact name:

Phone number:

Bringing friends? Their names:

Total number attending: @$30 per head = $

Return payment and booking form to
The Mount Rogers Community School, Alfred Hill Drive, Melba ACT 2615.
Please make all cheques payable to “The Mount Rogers Community School P&C Association”
or cash to the front office in envelopes clearly marked “P& C Association Scrapbooking Day”.
Top50 Scrapbooking Kits