Monday, February 27, 2006

"Something witty"

LOL! I do not like picking titles!

Not a real lot happening in life at the moment. Saturday was a bit of a nothing day as my poor little man was quite sick. No temperature, just a whopping migraine for him. He refused panadol and of course it just got worse and worse until he finally threw up at dinner time, then he got better! I do wish he'd take panadol!

We had promised the kids a fun day on Sunday so thankfully Billy was well enough for us to go out. We went to Gold Creek Village and visited the Reptile place there. It's very small, but the kids loved it. We then had a lovely lunch at a cafe, I bought some very nice ribbons, we bought some lollies from the old fashioned lolly store, then visited an art gallery. We also popped into a pot store that had some beautiful handpainted canvases in some amazing colour combinations which made me question the colour combos I have picked out for our lounge/dining/kitchen area. I really have to just paint it so I can't keep changing my mind!

We then went to the hardware store and had a lot of fun! We grabbed a few little bits and pieces for the house, including a great big, huge blackboard for our kitchen wall. It's now glued up and I have to buy some frame molding to go around it and then decorate. Hubby suggested a picture of a chef - rofl - not likely!!

Today I had to take little Miss to get her four year immunisations, my poor baby, she moved her arm and got a big scratch, lots of tears for about five minutes, but then all was okay. Thank goodness that is all over for quite a few years now!

This afternoon I took delivery of lots of new boxes with lots of fun stuff in them for Lime Tart's April kits!! Wait until you see who the guest designers are for April!! While on the topic of guest designers - I've been getting emails from the March designers and WOW!!! Very, very inspirational!

Tomorrow I'll be packing the last of the March kits down, with only one spare 12x12 left. Will the March kits be sold out before March??

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A teensy sneak peek....

If you go to Lime Tart right now you can see a couple of teeny, tiny sneak peeks of the March kits. Not a lot to see, but you can get a feel for the colour combinations.

I bought my April papers today, fresh in from the US yesterday! I have upped my April order by 30% so hopefully I will sell out, but not too quickly! It's such a catch 22, I want that sold out sign up there, but I don't want to disappoint those that miss out. I have been increasing my orders every month since October and I'm really pleased to say that Lime Tart has doubled in size since it started! I'm excited!

Oh gosh.... my email just beeped at me as I'm typing this and another order has come through. I only have 3 March 12x12 Kits left!! And one of those was supposed to be for me! See what I do... I'm giving up a really gorgeous kit just so someone else can have it - arghhhhhh! But I will say that I do have a few little extras to keep for myself, I can't completely go without ;)

So onto other things....

The kidlets had their fourth swimming lesson today and I am so proud of how they are going. Years ago, Billy and Mary had a few swimming lessons, but poor Billy got a bit freaked out by something and he would just scream and cry. So we decided to leave it and now four years later we have started again and my little boy is dunking his head! Today he was swimming with a kickboard. I'm very proud of him. Mary is going really well too but she always loved the water, and Peggy.... well Peggy is just a little miss! Their swimming teacher is just the most beautiful girl with a gorgeous personality and the kids warmed to her within minutes. Now Peggy is too confident around her. So today I gave Tenelle permission to growl at Peggy, lol. I bet she won't though.

While I remember, I have another proud mum moment to brag about too. Miss Mary is receiving the Artist of the Month award at school tomorrow!! She doesn't know it yet, but I have been told so I can go to the assembly to see her get her award.

Ok, I'm off to iron and go to bed, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night as the phone rang at 1.30, 4.30 and 5.15am!! Each time I answered I just got this silly beeping noise, I'm guessing some telemarketer on the other side of the world has got their timezones wrong! But the first time I answered I looked up at the wall over my craft desk and there was this HUGE, and I mean HUGE huntsman!! I got hubby to come and get it while I went and hid back in bed!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Selling too fast!

I am just amazed at how Lime Tart has grown since October! It feels great! I want to thank everyone for their wonderful emails of support, the emails that say "wow what a great kit!", the emails that tell me how funky site looks with its revamp, the comments about the designer's brilliant work. I'd also like to thank my husband, my mum, my children.....

ROFL, okay enough of that silliness, off the podium Philippa!

Seriously, I love getting feedback, good and bad, it all helps to improve the site and kits. There is one big problem though! I can't keep up with numbers! Every month I am increasing the numbers of kits that I am making and they are still selling out. I have bumped up March's numbers by quite a bit but the bad news is that I only have five left unsold, and the sneak peeks aren't even up yet!

It is a gorgeous kit though. This is what Deb had to say when hers arrived "I adore the pack, got my mind full of stuff I want to do....want to race out the door and go home now...". Carole was equally enthusiastic about the 6x6 Kit!

So I am continually bumping up numbers and I have done a major bump for April's kits. I also have some great new stock coming in for April, new products from CHA, new paper designs from CHA, new things from a homegrown manufacturer....

....okay they are starting to play the music which means my speech is being cut short, it's getting boring, and I'm about to be escorted from the stage.....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Check this out!!

Carole is going to be the Lime Tart 6x6 designer for March, but she just created this from her February kit! I can't wait to see her work for my gallery! WOW!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Lots and lots of cool news!

Okay where do I start with all of my news?!

The Lime Tart gallery will up be tomorrow and it is looking simply stunning!! My inbox was full of photos from Sally yesterday, boy that girl has done a LOT of projects with this kit! Unfortunately it is all sold out, but for those that were lucky to grab one, there are some awesome ideas for you to be inspired by.

March kits are looking good too! I'll be posting to my guest designers this week and can't wait to see what they come up with. I've been able to grab some great new products from a new little Aussie manufacturer and I love them so much that I will be getting more for kits down the track!

I doodled a layout on Thursday night! I stayed up til 1am because I just couldn't stop. I never thought I would follow the new trend of doodling, but Michelle inspired me so much that I had a go. I really like it and I will do another one, I have a few more ideas floating around in my head of what I'd like to do.

My friend Gabbie has just started a blog! Go check it out! I love Gabbie, she makes me smile and laugh. We've sort of known each other for a few years but it's only recently that we have become friends, StampingTop50 brought us together and I'm glad it did!

Back to Lime Tart for a minute.... Once I have finished here, I will be changing the subscription gifts so if you haven't subscribed - go check them out. I have to upload them quickly so I don't use them myself, lol.

Other news..... Oh boy this is exciting!! I have been asked to join the Buzz & Bloom Design Team!! How cool is that??!! As corny as it sounds I have always been a fan of B&B and then on the weekend I have been given this amazing opportunity! I have already been assigned with my first projects so make sure you go and sign up for their newsletter so you can see what I do! B&B have some secrets soon to be revealed too and they are exciting!

Now for my other design team, yes you know the one.... Yes that one that was once known as the Chatterbox Downunder DT. We are now revamped due to circumstances beyond our control (hopefully those circumstances will be revealed soon enough) but now we are known as the ArTistic Chicks! We've been working quietly behind the scenes and our work will be hitting the mags soon. Check out March Scrapbook Creations, I know I will be ;) Our revamp has opened up so many more opportunities to work with other fantastic products that I am very, very excited! So stay tuned for more of that!

Okay must run, I have a hungry child, well she is always hungry! Hollow legs she has!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back to school!

So one of my little cuties started back at school yesterday, another cutie started kinder for the first time, and the third cutie is still at home with her mama. I don't recognise cutie number two in her uniform, she looks so grown up!

Monday's mail was kind to me with a parcel from the UPS lady with this mag in it:

I have a card in it that I am very proud of. The magazine is a good one too! Lots of fantastic ideas!

Oh and here's a pic of cutie number three, she's the one with the normal hair!

P-"Mama, can I have a drink please?"
Me-"Yes, what would you like? Juice, water or cordial?"
P-"Um, Um, milk please."

Last night I handed over the presidency at preschool, that is a weight off! It was fun, but this year I'm just going to do the preschool newsletter, that's enough.

Today I'm just waiting on the TNT man to arrive with my Bazzill order that should have been here yesterday :( But for now, I really should go and clear off the dinner table...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Sold out!

Yes those gorgeous February 12x12 Kits are all gone. I do have some 6x6's left though :)

I'm off to bed for an early one tonight (yes 11pm is early, lol) as tomorrow I have to get out of bed early for the first day back to school! I've been spoilt during the holidays and have been sleeping in, so I'm not sure how I will cope tomorrow. I have to be up bright and early to ensure some good photos of Mary's first day in Kinder too.

Until then, the pink haired one is signing off (don't ask!)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

A busy week

This week we have been getting ready for back to school. Tuesday was spent shopping and picking up all the school laybys that I had.

Wednesday we went to a Safety Bike Riding course run by the police. The kids had a ball, we will definitely be going back (if the ACT Government doesn't sell off the land, grrrrrr.

On Thursday the kids had their first swimming lesson. I was so proud of them. Well technically it wasn't Billy and Mary's first lesson as they did some lessons when they were three and 18 months respectively. Mary loved it, Billy hated it. Hence why it has taken us so long to start up again. The instructor was fantastic, all three kids were in the same class and they warmed up to the instructor so fast that I was amazed! I can't wait until next Thursday!

Friday was our weekly library trip. Boy I wish I had discovered the library at the start of the holidays! It is fantastic! The kids can borrow dvds and videos as well as books. Billy has been grabbing experiment type books and puzzle books. I currently have purple cabbage acid indicator in ice blocks in my freezer! As well as a mini worm farm in the far corner of the dining room! Roll on school!

In the afternoon I put 210 layouts into albums. I bought some fantastic American Crafts ring bound albums from Addicted to Craft. I love them, so don't go buying any as I want them all!

Then we decided to get out the home videos and watch them. WOW! For some reason we stopped using the video camera when Peggy was about six months old (she's now four), which is very sad. But gee we have a lot of fantastic footage of the kids prior to that. Looking back at these videos makes me realise how young the kids were when I was having the next baby. Three under three! They seemed so grown up then, but in hindsight they were all babies together. The funny comment of the evening was from Mary "Billy why did you kiss me then and you won't now?". ROFL.

Today.... I'm hoping to relax and scrap.

Oh and quick plug for Lime Tart... the kits are selling fast, so don't hesitate for too long.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shhh, I have a secret...

Newsletter subscribers got to see these photos last night and readers of my blog can see them now before I upload to the site tomorrow.

The 12x12 Kit reminds me of a yummy tray of soft-centred chocolates - strawberry and peppermint - my favourites! There's Heidi Swapp, Doodlebug, Maya Road, May Arts, fabric. Oh and did I mention the tin of chipboard blossoms? Yes! A Whole tin! Use the blossoms and then alter the tin.

The 6x6 Kit makes me think of fresh and fruity sorbets. It's filled with rubons, diecuts, Doodlebug rickrack, May Arts ribbon, clips, tags, big brads, tiny letters, paperbags and the nicest Kaleidoscope paper!

I have ordered in lots more kits this month but I think they are so good that they are going to fly out the door, particularly as I am also having a sale!!

The first Lime Tart sale will go like this.... purchase any February Kits and you can buy any old kits, any extras, any Bazzill, any other patterned paper, yes anything else (except February Kits) for 30% off! That makes the Bazzill 59.5c per sheet!

If you subscribe to the kits, you automatically qualify, so go to the site, do some shopping and check out, tick direct deposit for payment method and I will get back to you asap with the reduced cost of your extra purchases. You can then pay by either direct deposit or paypal and I can send your kits and extras straight away (yes they are ready and eager to hit mail boxes). Or I can set aside your extras until your normal subscription date (that's fine too).

If you don't subscribe, just go and buy a February Kit (you know you want too!) and then you too can purchase extras at 30% off.

Do get in quick as these kits are so nice. Have I said that already? Plus with the two talented guest designers on board this month, there will certainly be plenty of inspiration in the gallery on the 14th February.

Go and check out the member's gallery too, there has been an influx of uploads lately and they are all wonderful. See what other subscribers have been doing with their kits.

Don't miss out!!
Top50 Scrapbooking Kits