Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm off

to Kiwiscraps, that is. My first class is at 12 but I'm meeting up with Gabbie for a whole weekend with her, lol, will we be able to stand each other, particularly as I have heard that she snores, rofl!!

I've been tagged a couple of times, will get to that next week. I won't be back til late Sunday night and then I have to organise the kids for their first day back to school, plus we have a few optometrist appointments on Monday. Who made them on such a silly day?!

I made three new necklaces yesterday, one was for Billy. I'm not overly keen on it, but it was something he has been wanting for months, so I finally gave in. It's jut a metal type rams head charm on some black leather, but he is a capricorn so I guess it means something, lol. He likes it and he knows the rules of not wearing it for sport or school.

I had my hair done during the week too ======>
I think I scared my mum when she came around ;)

One of my projects is up at Buzz & Bloom Atelier, the other should be released next week as it's using their new chipboards.

I made this card during the week out of the A la Tarte.
Oh and I got this last week, isn't he gorgeous?! He came from here.
I also got some gorgeous fabric from ebay too, I have some artwork planned for it. I think I will just simply frame it, nothing else.

Okay must go and finish packing....

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lest we Forget...

A layout I did last year on my Anzac memories, yes that is me in the pic.

Me, at an Anzac March in the early '90s.
Miss you, Pa. :((

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another full week & a new ATC Swap

One week of school holidays down, one more to go! The first week was a bit of a trial as we didn't have a car for three days. We needed a new alternator so I wasn't going to risk driving anywhere and breaking down with three children in the car. So Thursday we were booked in to have it fixed and we drove there and arrived, lol. After three hours of wandering the shops, library and having pancakes at a cafe, we were able to collect it again.

Friday morning was spent at the doctors with Mary, she's been continually having a sore tummy. They are now doing blood tests and I'm not sure were we'll go from there...

Yesterday I was busy uploading stock to Lime Tart and organising a sale. Go check it out ;) We've also got some beautiful new stamps in stock, which brings me to more ATC swapping! Quite a while ago, I saw this beautiful purple card on Monique's blog. I emailed Monique to ask her what brand it was and I now have them in stock at Lime Tart!

Okay I am getting there with this.... I have swapped out the Seasonal swap and all of them will be in the mail tomorrow. Unfortunately we only had 8 swappers so you will get two of your own ATCs back, but I've thrown in a little bag of bits that you can use on other ATCs. Anyway, no peeking if you don't want to see, lol. I have to point out that Sarah's winter ATC is a shaker! Very cool! My ATC is the bottom left one.

Okay so now on to the next swap... In honour of my new stamps, I would like the theme to be Gothic. Same deal as always. 9 for 9. Due date 31 May. You can interprete Gothic as you like. Here is what I grabbed from the dictionary:

Definition of Gothic

of medieval architectural style architecture belonging to a style of architecture used in Western Europe from the 12th to the 15th centuries, and characterized by pointed arches, flying buttresses, and high curved ceilings

of medieval artistic style arts belonging to a style of music, painting, or sculpture practised in parts of Europe from the 12th to the 15th centuries

of middle ages history relating to the Middle Ages

of eerie fiction style literature belonging to a genre of fiction characterized by gloom and darkness, often with a grotesque or supernatural plot unfolding in an eerie or lonely location such as a ruined castle

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Catching up

Lots been going on since my last entry.We lazed around at Easter, it was so nice. Lunch on Friday was lovely, as usual. Then the rest of the weekend was just spent relaxing or gardening. We mulched our front garden beds and they look so much better. There isn't much growing due to the drought but I do have some bulbs starting to peek their way through. I did get quite a bit of scrapbooking done too, probably about 4 double layouts. I'm still scrapping in 8.5x11 and boy is it fast!
Tuesday, I had one of *those* days, nothing was going right, but I did get lots done, lol. Lots of parcels have been arriving for May and for our next Gourmet Tart. The April gallery is up, check it out, lots of colour and inspirations. Huge congrats to Mel for her recent win, well done!
Not much creating, although last night I did play with some image transfers and made these two ATCs. Both are image transfers, one from a newspaper and one from a magazine. Elizabeth is covered in beeswax, and Poppy is using some Buzz & Bloom chipboard scrolls cut down.

On Thursday we were summonsed to the Friday school assembly and Peggy got an Artist of the Month award. It's her first award at the school and she was very happy!

Yesterday we got up at a ridiculous hour of 5am to go the the Balloon Festival. When we arrived at 6am, there were no balloons! Last year the balloons were all half up in the sky by 6am. I was starting to stress out, lol, but we were patient and it paid off. I got lots of photos but all of standard balloons. There were three that were slightly more interesting and they were an AFL football, a house with a cat on the roof and Mikey from Monsters Inc.
Then we headed off to the Pancake Parlour for breakfast, before going shopping at the new Canberra Centre and Borders. The kids had a ball in there! But boy... kids' books are expensive, particularly for the littler ones. The small chapter books aren't too bad, Mary desperately wants a cat so she bought this book about a Magic Kitten.
Today, well today I am preparing myself for two weeks of school holidays. Which also means it is less than two weeks to Kiwiscraps...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

More creativity

Thank you for all of the lovely comments on Mary's diorama. Her face lit up when I read them out to her.

Peggy has been doing some creating too. We love magpies in our house, we call them Maggies, which of course is another name that we can call Peggy as her full name is Margaret. On the walk to school every day there are lots of magpies and they talk to us in their warbling voices. We also have a family that plays in our front yard, they hang upside in the trees and roll around the lawn. Sometimes you will see two of them having a fight and rolling around the lawn. They are just like kids! Anyway, last week Peggy asked me for a yellow peg, a glass jar and some black and white paper. This is what she created, all by herself, with no suggestion or help from anyone. She turned five in December, so you can imagine how proud I am of her creativity!

As for me, I did a layout the other night using the April Full Tart. I have converted to 8.5x11 landscape and love it. I think I have to go and pull apart all of my 12x12 albums, lol.

I also made this card for the CPS#7 sketch. It uses Stemma rubons that I received as my CPS rak.
Other than that, my week has been full of ordering and unpacking. The new stamper's kit naming competition finishes up tomorrow night and the winner will be announced next week along with the launch of the new kit. I'm just waiting on the last of the cardstock to arrive and we will be ready to go. There is an awesome amount of entries and some very clever names! A few tongue twisters too, lol.

We are having lunch tomorrow with the grandmas and my wonderful husband is cooking (of course!). We have fish, calamari and prawns on the menu, plus pavlova and chocolate tarts.

Have a happy and safe Easter :)
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