Thursday, June 28, 2007

Creative weekend

At 2peas on the weekend, the stamping board got together and organised the WSW - world stamping weekend. Lots of people organised challenges and prizes. It was lots of fun, even though I was in the wrong timezone, lol. I got quite a few projects done. Then last night I did a layout and today I have a 1 metre x 75cm canvas on the table to paint. It's huge!

This ATC has been printed and stamped on acetate and then white embossed. All stamps by justjohanna.

The background of this card is a justjohanna stamp and was stamped on white, clear embossed, then sponged over with purple ink. Chipboard letters by Buzz & Bloom.

I also forgot to update that the kitties did find new homes. One went to Gabbie and the other to Cass from Scrapbook Junction.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Getting there....

Well after the hectic and sometimes traumatic week that I had last week, I think I am finally catching up.

It was a bad case of "what could go wrong, will go wrong" last week, but we got through it with a little bit of sanity still intact.

We spent most of last Thursday at the doctor's and hospital for xrays on Billy's ankle. He has sprained his ankle four times since Easter. Twice in two weeks, with me being called to the school to pick him up. So now we find out he has bone fragments at the base of his ankle (or wherever) and he must have rest for three weeks. Well try telling that to an eight year old boy! But we are trying. He's very disappointed in missing out on soccer each week too :(

Peggy had a hearing test on Friday due to needing retesting after her kindergarten screening. But all is good, they seem to think she may have had an ear infection.

Saturday was basketball for the girls and then setting up for the fundraiser. OMGosh we were busy! But on Sunday, I think it went off really well. It was a lot smaller than last year but we still made about $1100 for the school and that's always a bonus! I had promised a mystery class to everyone who attended and of course left it til the very last minute when a friend, Ethel, came to my rescue. A while ago, Ethel was kind enough to share her exploding box instructions at 2peas. So after a quick email, I was able to use her instructions to teach a class. Everyone loved it, so huge thanks to Ethel! I'll show pics of my box later :)

Oh and throw into the mix a 7th birthday party held after school on Wednesday for Mary and her friends. She invited three friends around for cake and munchies, plus they all decorated a papier mache piggy bank. It was a lot of fun, and her friends were really nice little girls :)

So then on to this week and catching up with all the work I had put on the backburner...

So all Gothic ATCs have been returned. What an awesome swap! The scans obviously do not do the layers and textures justice. Mine is the purple one in the bottom left and the background is actually see through.

Stay tuned for another one soon :)

justjohanna stamps have arrived at Lime Tart and I had fun playing with a few last night. I was hoping to do some Christmas cards for one of the mags but it seems I am too late for the Christmas call, lol.

So on that note, the house is clean, I'm going to put a jumper on and stamp!

Okay excuse the wacky formatting but blogger isn't playing nice today!

Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm busy today doing all the final bits and pieces for the fundraiser so I thought I would post the list of generous sponsors here:

Acacia Paper Crafts -

Australian Paper Crafts –

DawnStar Stamping Studio –

Keep It Simply Stamping, Latham -

Lime Tart -

Made Upon Memories –

Really Just Ribbons –

Stampin' Up! Teresa Dabrowski

Stampin’ Up! Head Office -

Treasures for Angels -

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shocker of a weekend

Two British Blue Shorthair kittens for sale! Yes we have to give them up already! I can't believe it! The kids have been hiding in their rooms all weekend, Mary has been in hysterics, it's been awful. They are convinced these kittens are devils in disguise, lol. We have a lead on a lady in Sydney who would like one and if the worst happens then the breeder will take them back in Melbourne *sigh*. We certainly didn't make the decision to buy two kittens lightly, but gosh, who knew our kids would react like this! Anyway here's a pic of the cute little terrors. If you know of anyone who would like one....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I scrapped

I got a few pages done over the weekend. This is a sneak of one of them, you can see the full layout at the Buzz & Bloom blog. I've also done a double but have to finish off the journaling first.

Today is going to be busy *sigh* I have a very long list of things to do, but most importantly I have to bake cupcakes! Mary turns 7 tomorrow. This time 7 years ago I was out shopping and having regular contractions, I got many, many funny looks during my shopping trip, lol. We finally went to the hospital at 3am, she was born at 4.30am and we were home just after lunch with a new little baby girl. Billy just wanted to cuddle and kiss her. He was only 16 months old. Now he just wants to ring her neck and vice versa!

She'll be getting her birthday present this Friday night but she doesn't know it yet. It is flying up from Melbourne and it means I will become a mother again. But this time to a little British Blue Shorthair kitten, well actually two of them! Yes I think I am a little insane to go from a no pet family to a two cat family. They will be Bob & Oscar, two little blue boys.

So on that note, I need to go answer some emails and then cook cupcakes!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Another ATC

I made a set of these last night just because. No swap, no theme, no nothing, lol. I made the background on the weekend in a demonstration by Gail Hart. I've then modpodged it to chipboard and decorated. I love my new Versafine inkpad! Stamp is by Stampotique and we have a few of them at Lime Tart.

I've decided to change the name of my blog now that it is a personal one. Yada, yada, yada, of course, comes from Seinfeld. I used to despise that show! Then hubby and I went to the US, well we weren't husband and wife until we got there, lol. While we were in San Francisco, I remember being in our hotel room and had the tv on and Seinfeld was on. We became hooked! I don't know what changed, and why we didn't like it before then, but once we came home we loved it. So yada, yada, yada it is ;) Now I just need to change the header!
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