Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My baby boy :(

He's no longer :( He blabbed out tonight that the toothfairy is not real :( How sad am I?! I had to take him aside and explain that yes it is us parents that do it to keep magic alive and that he has to promise not to tell his little sisters! Oh I hope we can keep it a secret for a few more years.

Then just when you think their innocence is totally gone, he says "Why do parents do it? Did the government tell the first people that they had to do it for their kids?" No sweetie, we do it cause we love you.

I have to admit to shedding a tear over it....

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The invitations are done!

Mary chose the colours of all of the cardstock, flowers and buttons. She's very happy with them and can't wait to hand them out at school tomorrow :)

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Is busy! I thought it was meant to be easier with the children at school, but noooo..... It's amazing how ten days can fly by without blogging and I thought I only did it yesterday.

As busy as our life is, I do find it hard to write about things, lol, it all sounds so boring - swimming, dancing, soccer, school, preschool committee, library days, pt work, work from home, cleaning and somewhere in between scrapping, lol.

This week I have been agonising over July kits, I had the most gorgeously stunning paper arrive for both kits, now the task is finding things to match. I also picked my July 12x12 designer and her work is amazing, I love it - fresh, funky....

I still have to pick my 6x6 designer, I think I know who it will be, I just have to ask, lol.

I've also been busy with Buzz DT work, and one layout is just not happening, the bear well and truely bit me this time Helene! Oh well still a few days to make it work!

Last night I cyberstamped at Top50 and I got two cards and a set of atcs done, it was nice to relax and stamp. Here is one of them, yes the theme was Lemon and Lime in honour of my last night as moderator of the group, lol. Thanks Flea :) Take care of it for me!

Okay off to make breakfast for the kiddywinks....

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It was brought to my attention on Monday that my dearest daughter, Mary will be turning 6 years old on the 6-6-2006. How cool is that?!

Now to start the supermum preparations on her party, she wants a glitter theme! I hope I can change her mind on that one!

Oh and Roz- we hang clothes in the kids wardrobes and have the rest in the drawers. We just haven't got around to having the built ins rebuilt after we moved in and I pulled the old ones out, lol. I don't hoard things - if it hasn't been used for 6 months then it gets tossed, lol. All that comes from being used to moving every 12-18 months or so I guess ;)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well I should be writing up class notes for my book in a box class tonight but I'm such a procrastinator!! So here goes my tag from Gabbie....

ln my Fridge:
Fruit and Vegies
Limes and Cream (For lime tart!)

In my Closet
Believe it or not, I don't have one!

In my handbag (I just bought a gorgeous new handbag from ebay in funky orange and green!)
mobile phone
shopping list
lolly wrappers

In my car
Oh gosh, hubby's pet peeve:
parking ticket things
broken sunglasses
soccer balls
kids' car seats

On my DVD / Video player
Last night's recorded stuff for me to watch later in the week
Spy Kids

I am tagging:
and I was going to tag Roz but she's already done it! So who else wants to have a go?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Back to school...

The kids went back to school on Monday so this week I did not have to put up with the incessant "I'm bored", "what can I do now?". My children certainly need a LOT of stimulation!

Swimming is going fantastically! Last week we got their certificates and Billy was put up to level two. The girls stayed in level one. Then this week after our lesson, the instructor suggests that Mary should now go up to level two - wahoo! Which meant we had to change our lesson times to keep them all in at the same time, but whatever.... I'm just so pleased at how far along they have all come in ten weeks. From children who didn't want to get their faces wet, to children who are so excited about jumpin in the water!

Mary has started bringing her home readers home and I love seeing them learn to read. I watch her when we go out and about and she reads the signs and copies them by writing them in the air. She's going to be a clever little cookie and no I am not biased, lol.

I had a stamping class on Wednesday night. They are always a lot of fun, I love seeing people's amazement when they see how heat embossing works.

Thursday was the preschool bus wash excursion and that is always heaps of fun too! The bus drivers are amazing. They sing with the kids, they honk the horn, they are wonderful with the kids.

Today I got absconded by the principal at school and dragged into a video production for "something", lol. Any parent who was trapped in the school at the time was dragged in too. Quite funny - we just had to sit and pretend we were conversing and drinking coffee.

Tonight I'm painting a layout for the next Hero Arts competition - you have to be in it to win it :) So now my first layer is dry I'm off to add the second :)
Top50 Scrapbooking Kits